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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Harry Reid says Bin Laden Dead

Harry Ried (D) Nevada said in a TV News interview that he thought Bin Laden was killed by the earthquake in Pakistan. He added that he was not sure if that really happened, but he thought it possible.

What we have here is the set up from more calls to quit Iraq. The whole no WMD canard has not played as well as they hoped so it looks like the next tact will be to claim, "We went to get Bin Laden. He's dead so our job is done. Let's bring the troops home." My guess is that this will be the big point on the Sunday talk shows.

Never mind that he said he was speculating. Democrats seldom let details like that stop them. The qualifier is just part of the set up. No one is supposed to remember that part. By next week they'll be calling him officially dead. Even that is beside the point. Bin Laden is not terrorism, neither is Zarqawi. Killing them will go a long way to gaining a beach head against terror, but defeating it is a ways off yet. The western world tolerated terror for to long. It has been allowed to fester to the point that Afghanistan and Iraq were the first amputations. Radical surgery of some nations leadership may save us from more. To cut and run from Iraq would put the whole patient at risk. The world cannot afford the "think good thoughts and Tinkerbell won't die" approach.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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U.S. Diplomat Makes 'Bush lies’ Claims in June ‘03

From Insight

Interviews and documents obtained by Insight show that Charles Edward Bernier, a 30-year retired officer with the United States Information Service—once known as the U.S. Information Agency (USIA)—and former U.S. embassy spokesman in 10 Arab countries in the 1980s and '90s, played a key role in trying to orchestrate an anti-war "Bush lies" movement among his former colleagues in the State Department and CIA—a movement that has been feverishly joined in recent months by many in the establishment media and the Democratic Party.

Mr. Bernier, former U.S. embassy spokesman and USIA chief in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, said he was directed in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion until May 2003, to help generate "positive stories" for news organizations covering military operations. He was also tasked with advising U.S. commanders on cultural matters and outreach to the Muslim population as Operation Iraqi Freedom unfolded.

After his return from Kuwait, friends said, Mr. Bernier boasted of earning close to $30,000 a month while using his time "on assignment on the ground to dig up stuff" to be used against the war effort and the president.

Mr. Bernier said he quit after 90 days "because the effort I had put into a public affairs campaign was being ignored." He returned to Hilton Head, where his wife, Geraldine, is a leader of the island's Democratic Party organization and prolific anti-Bush administration letter-writer to local and statewide newspapers.

emphasis mine

Somebody at AID was not paying atention. There is no way this guy just discovered he was anti-war or an Islamist. Seems they caught on real quick if nobody was listening to him. One can only imagine what kind of goofy moonbat advice he was dishing out

Asked why he went to Kuwait as a highly paid war contractor to support the liberation of Iraq, but came back after just 90 days to help organize the "Bush lies" fray, Mr. Bernier said, "It was going badly on the ground. It was not going to get better. It was only going to get worse."

Now that's a good question. Better phrased as "What's a moonbat like you doing in a war like this?"

A former Diplomat goes to Iraq for three months right after the fall of the country and figures out that it's all a lie? Yes, if one goes to find evidence for one's prejudice, it will be there. The facts may be inconvenient so not necessary. Why spend some real time to see the results unfold when declaring failure from the beginning fits so well with the politics of one's own impotent party

Breakfast at Basil's

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush, Republicans and Illegal Immigration

It is good news to hear the President say we will deal with illegal immigration. I have been puzzled and frustrated by the lack of interest that the President and the Republican congress have paid to this issue. No other country would allow such incursions. The only possible explanation I could come up with was ether a misplaced effort to impress the Hispanic vote, or a fear that the Mexican economy could not survive without the influx of dollars from those working in the U.S..

Hardening of the border can't come too soon. The situation as it obtains today only encourages lawlessness. Easing the legal process for immigration, and speeding deportation of illegals should go hand in glove. Legal immigration has been and always will be one of the pillars of our strength as a nation. Unwillingness to uphold the law is a crack in the foundation of any nation.

The courts willingness to extend rights to illegal equal to citizens debases our society. Congress has long abdicated its power as a check on the courts. This is an issue they must take up.

The guest worker idea as it is presented has placed the cart before the horse. The first move must be sanctions for those who employ illegals. The logistics and resources necessary to find and apprehend the illegals already here is staggering. To dry up the reason for them to remain would solve the problem itself. Then we can offer people who, being our neighbors and respecting our laws, can come to our country for work to both our advantage.

Canadian Defense Minister Admits UFO's Exist

Former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer gave a speech at the University of Toronto telling all attending, "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."

His reason for speaking on this subject was to warn of possible intergalactic war caused be the Bush administrations desire to militarize space. This would upset the "ethical aliens" forcing retaliation. He summed up his speech by saying, "The time has come to lift the veil of secrecy, and let the truth emerge, so there can be a real and informed debate, about one of the most important problems facing our planet today."

Fortunately, I know the truth. The aliens are from a a planet that has advanced technology very quickly because they are a rase of total geeks. The reason they are here is to tap into our entertainment broadcasting. That's right their such a bunch of nerds that they need to come here for good TV. Sure they solved the whole space time continuum, but they can't do stand up.

Hellyer's fears are even less justified since the reality programing craze. The aliens are likely to take pirated copies of "I Love Lucy" and "Saturday Night Live" and go home rather than suffer through much more of that.

The unethical aliens are another story. As anyone who has seen "Earth Girls Are Easy" will tell you, they're here for our women.

Not so Daily me has Carnival of Comedy

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pirates Off Somali Coast

Piracy of the coast of Somalia has been a big problem for quiet a while. Anarchy has ruled after the UN and the US gave up trying to intervene leaving pirates to rule the seas off the coast. Merchant ship's crews are taken and held for ransom. It's believed the shipping companies readily pay the ransom to get their people out.

Yet, despite his military setback in Afghanistan and the arrest of over 1,300 al-Qaeda suspects in over 70 countries, bin Laden's terrorist network remains "the most immediate and serious threat" to American security, according to Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet. 1 Largely expelled from Afghanistan, al-Qaeda may seek to regroup in another country where it could count on some degree of local support.

Somalia is such a place. It is a failed state whose lawless anarchy would permit terrorists to operate relatively freely. The al-Qaeda network has operated there in the past and has longstanding ties to a small minority of Somali Islamists, with which it has worked since the early 1990s.

It doesn't take much imagination to figure out where the ransom money is going and what it is financing. So why is nothing being done about it? In any war the one of the keys to victory or defeat is the security of supply lines. Money is one of the life lines of terror. By cutting off this flow their ability to continue will be severely hampered.

For a look at the charitable financing of terror look here.
For more on interdicting terrorist funding look here.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Oct. 14 Raid Killed Zarqawi Confidant

Another member of al-Zarqawi's top people has been taken out

A family member and coalition sources have confirmed that Oct. 14 raids killed a close confidant of fugitive Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, military officials reported today.

Detained al Qaeda members say Abu Ubaydah served as an "executive secretary" for Zarqawi, meeting with the terrorist leader frequently, serving as his messenger and gatekeeper, and screening all messages and requests for meetings. Detainees also claim he provided Zarqawi with safe house locations and used intimidation and death threats to gain the cooperation of the Iraqi people to support al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist activity

One more cog in the Al-Qeada wheel. One more to throw on this heap:

Though the American media is slow to report it, U.S. forces are relentlessly destroying Zarqawi’s senior leadership. A November 2 air strike killed two senior al Qaeda operatives in Iraq: Abu Zahra, the so-called Emir of Husaybah, ran all insurgent operations in that Iraqi city, and Asadallah, Zarqawi’s key recruiter. U.S. forces have now confirmed the identities of both dead terrorists.On October 23, U.S. forces captured Abu Hassan, the head of al-Zarqawi’s media cell. Hassan was responsible for producing video tapes of insurgent attacks to give to al-Jazeera and other television networks. Hassan even produced forged police and press passes to allow insurgents to case targets and film the devastation following insurgent attacks.

German Self Esteem

The London Daily Telegraph Reports:

A multi-million pound campaign to boost Germans' low self-confidence has backfired after it emerged that its slogan was first coined by the Nazis.

The £20 million Du Bist Deutschland - You Are Germany - campaign was devised to inspire Germans to stop moaning and do something good for their country.

But a historian from Ludwigshafen has provoked an uproar with his discovery that the same Du Bist Deutschland cry was used at Nazi rallies in the 1930s.

The backers of the modern campaign, the brainchild of several blue chip media companies, expressed shock at the discovery but quickly distanced themselves from the Third Reich connection.

The project's image has now been battered by that same legacy.

Studies show that Germans are among the world's most pessimistic and unhappy nations. The gloom stems mainly from economic woes and chronically high unemployment.

Truly unfortunate for the organizers, They should have done some research.

The problem really stems from the effects of living in a highly regulated economy. If Germans are depressed because of a slow economy and high unemployment then solving these issues could do more toward self esteem than a national pep rally. Even the Nazis would have found it hard to get people excited if they couldn't get the economy moving again. Hey the unemployed have free health care and those who have jobs have three months of vacation, what's to be depressed about.

We had a big self esteem building effort in our public schools. The thinking was kids weren't learning becausee they had a low opinion of themselves. We raised their self esteem alright , but they didn't start learning anything more. They just felt so good about themselves they didn't realize how ignorant they were.

My Father Worked at Wal-Mart

After retiring from Northern Virginia Community College, my father went to work for Wal-Mart. He was impressed by the system the company had for marketing and stocking the merchandise. He found the management open to suggestions for improving operations in his department. I don't remember him not wanting to go to work.

After some years of working there, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. When he could not work any longer, Wal-Mart put him on medical leave. This kept him on the roll as an employee so his medical benefits could be maintained. After the six week leave period was over, he was still receiving treatment. The company extended his leave so he would not loose his insurance. The treatments were unsuccessful, he passed on leaving my mother with only the medical coverage from Wal-Mart.

It was my duty to handle the settling of the estate part of which was dealing with his Wal-Mart 401k, and my mother's insurance coverage transfer. The whole transaction with the 401k was easy. The questions that I had were graciously handled. Most satisfying was their willingness to continue to carry my mother's insurance for 18 months until she got insurance of her own. She was still given her employee dependent discount for a year. There was never any attempt to take advantage of my parent's situation. On the contrary, they bent over backwards to help whenever they could. Despite the complaints of Wal-Mart's treatment of employees by the talking heads on TV, my experience was of a company that cared for the individual who was my father, and their employee.

My father had been an electrical engineer at IBM for 25 years, he taught electronics at NVCC, and he worked at Wal-Mart. Before he died he told me of all the jobs he had in his life the one he enjoyed the most was Wal-Mart.

Jeff Matthews has some good analysis on Wal-Mart

Steve the Pirate has the Showcase

Project Hero

QandO has the next Silver Star recipient tribute up on their site.

PFC Randall McClenney, USMC.

Friday, November 25, 2005

EU warns Iran of sanctions

Vienna, Austria:

The European Union concerned Iran has blueprints for building nuclear warheads joined the United States in threatening Tehran with sanctions.

Iran, meanwhile, suggested it was considering a compromise to reduce tensions. Britain offered to negotiate with Iran to get them to drop their desire to control uranium enrichment, "But Iran should not conclude that this window of opportunity will remain open in all circumstances," Peter Jenkins , the chief British delegate to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) warned.

Diplomats were adamant the finger waging was going to continue if Iran didn't drop its nuclear ambitions..

The United States said the next move would be sanctions but added that Washington and its European allies were willing to let the pressure of the finger wagging to have its effect. "Iran must understand that the report to the council requires finger wagging, name calling may be next." Gregory L. Schulte, the chief U.S. representative to the IAEA. also warned that patience was limited. The Iranians are "digging themselves deeper into a hole that threatens to collapse around them," Mr. Schulte said. "Their actions could ultimately lead to a UN resolution!"

The EU also suggested that a Nuclear Weapons for Food program be offered. The French ambassador offered that his country was willing to oversee the implementation.. This caused the German delegation to protest saying all European countries should share in the implementation.

Iranian delegate Javad Vaidi said, "We are prepared to follow the path of dialogue with other countries, including the EU-3," referring to France, Germany and Britain. Later he was overheard saying "We'll make them an offer they can't refuse."

Eat at Basil's

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jordan to strike back?

Now that his country is no longer immune to Al-Qaeda attacks following the bombing of three hotels in the capitol, King Abdullah II of Jordan wants his Prime Minister to launch a war against the Takfiri culture. The new Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit was a general who ran army and police training at a Jordanian university.

Takfiri: Violent, Salafist extremists from Egypt. Ahmed Rabei was a prominent follower. Takfiris are not bound by the usual religious constraints such as wearing a beard, drinking alcohol, or eating pork when such restrictions would interfere with waging effective jihad. To Takfiris, strict adherence to those laws precludes necessary covert action in defense of Islam. Because Takfiris "blend in," they can organize, plan, and take action necessitated by the overriding duty of Jihad with less risk of identification, interference, or interception.

I say better late than never. The test will be in their actions though. There is plenty of history from the middle east of leaders making statements and then doing something different. Just look at all the cheating that goes on in OPEC. No one believes they'll stick to their quotas. They never have. This could be different. The Saudis are making noise about doing something but haven't since they arrested some men back in May. The problem for that region is Al-Qeada has been killing vastly more Moslems than Americans and British.

I'll hope for good news, I'm not holding my breath.

Legislating Morality

"You can't legislate Morality." A common cliché that is brought out to thwart any laws that would restrict our personal behavior. Modifying behavior is what the law does. Doesn't matter what the law is , its enforcement or threat of enforcement causes some change in behavior. Morality is nothing more than a code of behavior. Both law and morality govern the way one lives. One can live under a moral code that is more strict than the law requires without sanction, but if one lives a moral code that is less strict than the law, one runs the risk of arrest. Here lies the conundrum. Who's morality are we going to live by?

That statement is the essence of the political debate. Doesn't matter which society is in question, the struggle is over who's moral foundation will govern society. There are some who would say that morality is relative, that no one moral code is superior to another. This is anarchy and also bologna. Few would venture to say cannibalism is a virtue, yet there are societies that live under such a morality. We have a constitution which is the basis of our government. It spells out the moral skeleton of our society. This is why the choice of political officials and judges is so vital and why the debate is now so vicious. Someone is going to lose.

The choice has to be made. It will be debated and decided through the political process, or it will be thrust upon us by force. If our morality is good it will sustain us. If we are unwilling to fight for it we admit our moral weakness.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I have much to be thankful for let this picture speak for me. then go to the links below to read about others who have blessed me in some way.

God watching over my farm

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Our Troops who are there for us always.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Murtha and Support for the War

WorldNetDaily reports Rep. Murtha ran an online poll. Apparently he was unhappy with the results. When the numbers came in they showed overwhelming support for the mission in Iraq. Rather than acknowledge the truth he took the poll off his web site's front page and buried it on another page with no link.

The congressman at the center of the battle last week over withdrawal of troops from Iraq removed the results from his own Internet poll on the subject after online voters overwhelmingly opposed his stance.

Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pa., posted the poll after he ignited a firestorm in the House that led to Republicans forcing a quick vote on the issue Friday.

While a revised poll page remains on the site, the link to it from his home page has been removed, making the survey effectively invisible to the public.

12,000 people participated in the poll. Here are the results as posted at The Free Republic:

Please indicate which of the following best summarizes your view on what the United States should do in Iraq:

A. We should immediately remove all troops. 1,562 votes, 12.3 percent

B. We should redeploy to the periphery of Iraq as soon as practical to protect troop safety and give the Iraqis incentive to take charge sooner, not later. 3,239 votes, 25.6 percent

C. We should maintain current troop levels until Iraq builds an army to defend and stabilize their country, even if that takes years. 6,726 votes, 53.1 percent

D. We should re-institute the national draft to increase troop levels to where we can seal the Iraqi borders and stop the passage of insurgents and insurgent-supply missions. 1,146 votes, 9 percent

E. None of the above. 3 votes, 0.0 percent

Next time we here the Dems saying there's no popular support for the war, we'll know without a doubt, they know better.

Also look at Captain's Quarters for his Samolia stand

Moveon.org and Thanksgiving

The moonbats down at moveon.org have put together an ad to be run during Thanksgiving that will guarantee you'll purge that wonderful meal. See the video here.

When you are done don't blame me, I warned you first.


Open Thread/Pip my blog at ASHQ


Professor "Frag" Fears for His Job

WorldNetDaily.com reports that the English instructor at Warren County Com. Col. in New Jersey Has been called to an emergency meeting to handle the crisis over comments he made to a freshman student suggesting that soldiers should shoot their officers.

Daly wrote: "Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors."

The instructor said he stood by the e-mail message, but it was being taken out of context. His comment about soldiers turning their guns on superiors was meant "in the most metaphoric sense," he explained.

Daly also said that because Beach was never one of his students, he thought she was a "Young America's Foundation organizer and sent the message with that in mind.

He would have used a different tone if he had known she was a freshman, he said, although the content wouldn't have changed.

Of course he uses the out of context excuse. What he meant was that he thought the woman he was sending the email to was a moonbat. If he had known she was a freshman and thus now fully indoctrinated by his leftist dribble, than he would have concealed his true thoughts.

In his e-mail, Daly said he would ask his students to boycott the event and also vowed "to expose [her] right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like [Rebecca's] won't dare show their face on a college campus."

Daly's e-mail also claimed that "capitalism has killed many more" people than communism and that "poor and working class people" are recruited to "fight and die for EXXON and other corporations."

using his position as an instructor to push his politics on the students and stifle any dissenting voice. He goes on to complain:

"As more and more professors are teaching part time, this is a direct attack on our academic freedom," he said.

Finally demonstrating his intolerant hypocrisy.

check out Beltway Traffic Jam

Why We are Fighting

In today's Washington Times By Heba Kandil:

-- Exploding buildings, booby-trapped cars and bloodied victims began appearing on Arab satellite television recently in daring dramas that deal with Islamic militancy in al Qaeda's main breeding ground.

"Al Tareeq Al-Waer" ("The Rugged Path") and "Al-Hur Al-Ayn" ("The Beautiful Maidens") were aired during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, a time of peak viewing in the Middle East. Both shows deal with intransigent interpretations of Islam, such as the one espoused by Saudi-born al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and the social problems that push some to extremism.

"It is speaking to all generations and especially hesitant people caught at crossroads. The program can't affect those who have already chosen their paths," Mr. Anzour said.

The soaps have received acclaim from some viewers, but their content has raised anger among others. A Saudi newspaper reported that some actors in "The Beautiful Maidens" received death threats.

Last year, Mr. Hamdan's series "The Road to Kabul," which dealt with Afghanistan's ousted radical Taliban regime, was pulled off the air after militant threats. Channels at the time said the show was canceled for technical reasons.

There are plenty of people who are Arab Moslems who would like to live in a modern society. Without our current involvement they would still be underground. They still fear for their lives but the progress we are having against Al-qeada has given them hope. What despair would they feel if congress would loose interest as it did in Viet Nam.

Basil's has more goodies

Monday, November 21, 2005

France still burning

The French are still puting out the fires after weeks of unrest. Here is a picture taken by Zombie of a molotov cocktail thrown during a protest in San francisco on Nov. 2.

Here is the responce.

Seems simple enough.

Alsoo see Michelle Malkin


I'm considering raising chickens. Well my wife suggested it so I have to think about it.

We have had chickens, and there are good things about them. They give eggs, they kind of look cool wandering around the place and they eat bugs. They eat other things too.

Chuck any leftover into the barn yard and the chickens will descend on it like piranha. We opened a empty feed bag to find some mice trapped inside. My wife dumped the mice into the center of the three cats that were lounging in the barn. Before the cats knew what happened, several chickens had pounced and gobbled up the mice. The chickens will form a skirmish line and sweep the yard for bugs. Small birds are fair game. I've seen chickens fight over a bird head. A chicken will eat anything that doesn't eat it first. They will eat each other if they can get away with it. They love eggs. If a chicken were five feet tall, it would be the dominate species because it will have eaten everything else.

I never fell sorry for eating chicken. It's a matter of survival.

Conservative Cat has more Funny Stuff

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why We Keep Them in Guantanamo

AP reports:

RABAT, Morocco — Moroccan police have dismantled a terrorist network, arresting 17 people, including two former prisoners at the U.S. base in Guantanamo, Cuba, the official MAP news agency reported Sunday. At least some of the suspects were linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Brahim Benchekroun and Mohammed Mazouz -- among five Moroccans freed from Guantanamo in August 2004 -- were among the suspects.

A suspected former body guard of Usama bin Laden, Abdellah Tabarak, was also among the five released from Guantanamo. They were given provisional freedom in Morocco after leaving U.S. custody, but all face trial in their home country.

Now tell me why do people want us to let these guys out?

Project Hero

The QandO Blog has started a series highlighting the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen in both Iraq and Afghanistan who have been awareded the Silver Star. There are 208 so far. Here is the first. 1LT Chontosh See Basil's Blog for more tasty treats.

Did Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi Drop the Dime on Zarqawi

After her failed suicide attack the wife of Zarqawi's right hand man has been singing like a canary
With her family connections she could be knowledgeable of his whereabouts.

Mrs. al-Rishawi's family history reveals just how effective the U.S. military has proven to be in eliminating insurgents. Jordanian intelligence has learned that three of her brothers were killed by coalition forces in Iraq. Her brother, Thamir al-Rashawi, a member al-Zarqawi's inner circle, was killed in April 2004 in Fallujah, when a missile fired from a U.S. aircraft struck his pick-up truck. Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Marwan al-Mu'ashir described her brother, Thamir, as "the emir [commander] of the Al-Anbar region [of the Iraqi insurgency] in the Al-Qa'idah of Jihad Organization in the Land of Two Rivers. He was the right hand of Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi."
by Richard Miniter

If it turns out that Zarqawi died in the raid in Mosul it could be Mrs.al-Rishawi was the tip-off.

MVRWC asks Is Zarqawi Dead?

Bob Woodward reveals source

Bob Woodward has reveled the source of the leak of Valerie Plaime. Famous for his interview with William Casey where he got Casey to confess his crimes at the CIA while in a coma. He now claims that he learned the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame from no less than Renquist's ghost. "He came to me during a seance where I was trying to channel Yasser Araphat. I had just got to the issue of the secret bank account numbers when Renquist butted in to tell me all about Plame and her husband Wilson's plan to topple the bush administration. He said that he wanted to talk to someone at FOX News, but no one there could communicate with the dead."


Showcase at Boggin out loud

Conservative Cat

Jack Yoest

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harry Reid Didn't Read Intel Prewar Report

Harry Reid along with many prominent Democrat Senators did not read the reports on Saddam's WMDs before the vote on the war.

In an April 7, 2004, article by Dana Priest, the Washington Post reported that few members of Congress read the full 92-page October 2002 NIE. "“No more than six senators and a handful of House members read beyond the five-page National Intelligence Estimate executive summary, according to several congressional aides responsible for safeguarding the classified material," the Post said.

On the November 13 edition of “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D.-W.Va.), the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told host Chris Wallace, “"There were only six people in the Senate who did [read the NIE], and I was one of them. Rockefeller said he was “sure” that Intelligence Chairman Pat Roberts (R.-Kan.) had also read it."

Roberts confirmed to me that he had in fact read the report. But it turns out that Reid did not.

Reid said: “"We'’re talking about six senators. The answer is, if you ask me, I didn’t read it. But I don'’t know who did. But there'’s a hundred senators, not six. And some members of the Intelligence Committee may have read it. I don'’t know. But the fact of the matter is —you can'’t escape this, the administration manipulated the evidence and the people who opposed them, like Amb. [Joseph] Wilson were taken to the woodshed."

Key Democrats who have joined Reid in his campaign to charge the administration with misleading the country about the Iraq intelligence, also failed to read the prewar NIE on Iraq. When asked if he had read it, former presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) said: "“I got briefings. I got a personal briefing at the Pentagon."

Asked if she had read it, likely 2008 presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.), said: "I'’m not going to say anything about that. Just let the intelligence committee do their work, okay?"

by Amanda B. Carpenter in Human Events

These folk can hardly complain about being lied to if they never read the information in the first place. Maybe someone should send the senators a copy of hooked on phonics before their next important vote. Maybe if it was drawn out in cartoon form it might be interesting enough to catch their attention.

To see Reids plan for the war, Go to ASHQ

Friday, November 18, 2005

Zarqawi Sends Top Aide to Die

So far I haven't found any other news outlet that is carrying this story. It seems that the Iraqi Al-Qeada has suffered some real setbacks. So much so that Zarqawi is sending his top guys to do the dirty work, or maybe they really believe they will advance to go and collect 71 virgins.

By Richard Miniter in Human Events:

Though the American media is slow to report it, U.S. forces are relentlessly destroying Zarqawi’s senior leadership. A November 2 air strike killed two senior al Qaeda operatives in Iraq: Abu Zahra, the so-called Emir of Husaybah, ran all insurgent operations in that Iraqi city, and Asadallah, Zarqawi’s key recruiter. U.S. forces have now confirmed the identities of both dead terrorists.

Another sign of desperation: Consider who Zarqawi sent to run the Amman operation, Mrs. Al-Rishawi’s husband. He also a member of Zarqawi’s inner circle. He is now dead. Why did Zarqawi send a top officer to die? He has already lost so many. It suggests that either he’s running short of suicide bombers (typically Saudi recruits) or he’s running short of people he trusts. Either way, it’s a sign of desperation.

Blowing up Moslem weddings in Moslem nations does'nt sound to e like the play of a stong hand. I suspect they may be running out of coupons. I's just like the Democrats to cut and run when we're about to win.

Another good view at Purple Avenger

Future of the Republicans and Democrats

There is an emerging direction for the two party system in the US. The Democratic Party is in full implosion mode. It has been since George Bush 39 was elected in 1988. The party would have imploded sooner had he beaten Bill Clinton in 1992. The most obvious evidence for this is the large number of former Democrats who now call themselves Republicans. The more recent example is Mayor Bloomburg of New York City. Bloomburg chose to run as a Republican because he could not win as a Democrat.

The election of Bill Clinton in 1992 brought new life to the Democrats while at the same time laid the foundation for their eventual irrelevance. Capturing the White House is a good thing for a party, if they can translate that into gains in the Congress and state and local offices. This they were unable to do. Bill Clinton's reelection was more a function of the weakness of the Republican candidate more than a reflection on the success of Clinton's first term. This was evidenced by the steady increase in Republican office holders nationwide. The most unfortunate result of the Clinton years for the party was the wholesale replacement of party officers with Clintonites. The combination of a continuing slide to the extreme left coupled with the institution of the Clinton personality cult has doomed the party to future insignificance.

This situation has many similarities to the demise of the Wigs at the election of Abraham Lincoln. The Wigs were descending to irrelevance because of their unwillingness to deal decisively with the issues of the day. The emergence of the Republican party culminated with the failure of the Buchcanan administration and election of Lincoln. The most likely scenario for today is for the Democrats to fade away, the Republicans to become the liberal party in the old 1950's style of the Democratic Party and the emergence of a conservative party.

The Republican Party has accepted so many former Democrats over the years that it is suffering an identity crisis. The tension between the social liberals and social conservatives cannot be rectified. With the loss of the Democrats as a national party the tension will reach a breaking point as each side struggles to gain control of the only power base left. The conservatives are more likely to leave than the liberals and moderates since their party loyalty is ideological rather that political.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

NAACP chief makes switch to GOP

Found this in the Orlando Sentinel:

As of this week, Derrick Wallace, head of Orange County's NAACP, has switched parties -- to become a Republican.

"I've thought about this for two years," Wallace said Tuesday afternoon, just a few hours after returning from the elections office. "This is not a decision I made yesterday."

This had to be a difficult decision for Mr. Wallace. The treatment of Lt. Gov. Steele in Maryland can't be encouraging. His move makes perfect sense.

"It's purely a business decision. Ninety percent of those I do business with are Republicans," he said. "Opportunities that have come to my firm have been brought by Republicans."
Wallace elaborated that his "business" line of thought also referred to the NAACP. Behind many of the power desks in this town sit Republicans. And he said he wants his organization to be part of that structure. Just as importantly, he said, he didn't want people to immediately brand -- or dismiss -- NAACP concerns as synonymous with those of liberal Democrats. "I want this branch to be respected," he said.

Many more black people will come across the isle in spite of the oreo cookies and other insults thrown at them by their liberal, and former, friends. The Democratic Party has taken the minority vote for granted of way too long for anyone to ignore for much more time. The example of Louisiana legislators as reported in THE WASHINGTON TIMES:

A Senate panel this week passed a bill, introduced by state Sen. Charles Jones of upstate Monroe, a Democrat, that would loosen identification requirements because, Mr. Jones said, "an unprecedented number of persons have been temporarily displaced from their parishes of residence for an indefinite period."

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, have charged that relocating refugees across the country was "racist" and designed to move black people, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic, out of Louisiana.

They assume that the party will get their vote and will do anything to make sure they vote. After the election one is hard pressed to see any advantage gained for minorities when Democrats are in power. The fear in this case seems to be that the displaced population will find living elsewhere will be better than the state they left. How will the Des keep their cushy jobs if their "people" aren't there to be shuffled off to vote.

See That Gay Conservative

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For more on the Steele incident go to Aldaynet.org

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Eat at Basils

Basil's Blog always has a muti-course meal of articals. 4 stars.

Islam And Suicide Bombers

How is it that Moslems willingly blow themselves up? Such a final act must have something to offer the perpetrator for it to be a viable decision. The promise is that the bomber will be automatically accepted into heaven. If this is the case than why don't all Moslems, or anyone else for that matter, run out right now and kill a bunch of people by blowing themselves, literally to Kingdom Come.

The key to understanding this activity is realizing that Islam teaches a merit based system of pleasing God. The Quran states:

Salvation in Islam

"Then when the Trumpet is blown, there will be no more relationships between them that Day, nor will one ask after another! Then those whose balance (of good deeds) is heavy,- they will be successful: But those whose balance is light, will be those who have lost their souls, in Hell will they abide." S. 23:101-103

"Those who leave their homes in the Cause of Allah, and are then slain or die,- on them will Allah bestow verily a goodly Provision. Truly Allah is He Who bestows the best provision. Verily He will admit them to a place with which they shall be well pleased: for Allah is All-Knowing, Most Forbearing." S. 22:58-59

So the sum of one's deeds or the loss of life for the cause of Islam will compel God to give the reward of heaven. Now when a person finds they are burdened with sin, or wrong deeds and can be convinced that the weight of them is greater than that of their good deeds, they find they are excluded from heaven. Here the solution to their predicament is in giving their life for the cause.
We had a parallel experience with the Roman Church. At the time of the crusades the concept of indulgences was used as a way for Christians to negate their record of sins and compel God to let them into heaven. The result in both cases is that people will willingly put their lives in danger for a free ticket to Paradise. Although the use of indulgences in Christianity is heretical, it is clearly taught is Islam. We know that people will give their fortunes in the hope of gaining God's blessing, it's not much of a stretch to get them to give their lives.

The sad fact is that God, who has everything and needs nothing, dispenses his blessings according to His pleasure, and His mercy according to His grace. One cannot place another in debt without providing something the other does not have. If we give our very lives we don't give God anything he doesn't already have. I must assume the unwillingness of the Moslem leaders to lead the suicide bombers by example is that they do not have much faith in the concept that the rewards of this world are inferior to the next. What a horrible betrayal to catch a person in sin and use their guilt and shame as a lever to have them give their life for one's own temporal ambitions

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Blogosphere Political Compass

The Zoo is doing a chart of the political environment of the blogosphere. If you are a blogger, just go there and take the test. It measures the social and economic philosophy of each blogger then puts everyone on a chart to show the relative bias. They list everyone with scores. I went through and visited the site that were close to my score, then the ones that were the opposite. Quite interesting.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Funny Stuff

Go to the link in the title to see this weeks humor links at:

The Conservative Cat

Stopping Crime With Crack-Jack

The anti-car theft devices that one can get seen adequate but are boring. I want something that will not only stop a thief, but convince him to never bug people again. That's why I want Crack-Jack! Crack-Jack is simply a cell phone activated taser installed into the seat on the driver's side. Just call the Crack-Jack number, enter the code and 40,000 volts are then applied to the buttock of the car thief. It can be set to deliver a long term shock, or short pulses every 5 seconds. Leaving the car in a bad part of town and watching from a hotel window can offer hours of good clean fun. . Either way the perp will think twice before sitting down in a strange car anytime soon. It may also be helpful in dealing with unfaithful spouses.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Peace Process

I often here about "continuing the peace process. " When this phrase is invoked the process that is being referred to is one of negotiating , deal making and talking about the root problems that lead to war. None of this will ever lead to peace. It is just an interlude to more war as each side jockeys for position while the talking goes on. What is it that will work?

Through out history there has been one process that has brought about peace, it is the utter defeat of the enemy. The Pax Romana came about because all of Rome's enemies were subdued by the Roman army. It ended when Rome could no longed defend itself. Peace in Europe was achieved only when Germany was crushed. Peace with the communist block was achieved after the Soviet Union was exhausted trying to match the military strength of the US. Peace in the Middle East will come when one side or the other can no longer fight.

The people who are most responsible for bringing peace to this world are our veterans. These who are trained to go into harms way and pay the ultimate price are the ones who we owe our freedom and prosperity. When we cease to give them the moral, financial and technical support they need, our society will fall. So let me say here Thank you and thank God for you who serve and have served in the US Military.

For a nice tribue go here.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Public Schools

Following is a letter I received from a friend who is using his run for president as a means to address issues that others don't:


(PR # 18)

Public Schools Agenda

7 November 2005

To Editors and Members of Congress:

Adults on the Internet discussing sex with children are arrested for
pedophilia, or for contributing pornographic to the delinquency of

Adults in our public schools (e.g., teachers and administrators) discuss
and demonstrate sexual activity with children, sometimes without
parental consent or knowledge. They call it Sex Ed and consider it a
mandatory part of the curriculum.

Recently, the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked parental
efforts to prevent a California school system from distributing an
intimately sexual survey to all elementary school children. This court
action is typical of continuing liberal efforts to impose immorality on
our society through perverse indoctrination of the young.

The answer to this outrage is to arrest the perpetrators of crimes
against children, regardless of venue - wide open Internet or
locked-down schoolrooms.

Very Respectfully,

Obadiah Eagle

Check out his web site.

A transportation magazine ran a "Guide to Hiring Women" article in 1943.

Snopes.com busts many urban legends, This one is quite interesting. Somene should have told them there are only two ways to deal with women. The only proble is nobody knows what they are. Also see IMAO for other ideas


Just added Trackback to the site. So what of a puzzle to figure out at first, but the pieces all starting to fit thanks to andrew Beakock's Blog. He has done a very good job spelling everything out plain enough for me to understand.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Things that are more Fun than Squashing Tadpoles in France

  • Throwing fire bombs at cars
  • Throwing fire bombs at Post Offices
  • Throwing fire bombs at Day Care Centers
  • Throwing fire bombs at people putting out burning cars
No animals were injured during the writing of this post.
Squashing tadpoles is a euphemism and has nothing to do with violence toward real baby frogs.

Could French-style riots happen here?

Illegal immigration could have a more sinister result for America than just its impact on our economic and social sectors. An article from WND quotes a leader of the Aztlan movement:

While Many Americans are watching the chaos unfold following 12 nights of mayhem by largely Muslim immigrants in the streets of France, a leader of the separatist Aztlan movement in the U.S. says it's only a matter of time before worse unrest hits the streets of America.
Aztlan activists, who see themselves as "America's Palestinians," want to carve out of most of the southwestern United States an independent, Spanish-speaking nation known as the Republica del Norte.

According to earlier reports in La Voz de Aztlan, the leaders of this movement are meeting continuously with extremists from the Islamic world.

A map of Los Angeles shows a Hispanic population that is rising to majority status.

If decisiveness on dealing with the illegal immigration issue eludes our political leaders we will see riots in LA and San Diego similar to those in Paris.

Monday, November 07, 2005

French Curfew

We are safe now. The French Prime minister has set a curfew... well sort of:

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said Monday that curfews would be imposed wherever they are needed and 9,500 police officers and gendarmes are being deployed to stop rioting that has spread across France. "Wherever it is necessary, prefects will be able to put in place a curfew under the authority of the interior minister, if they think it will be useful to permit a return to calm and ensure the protection of residents. That is our number one responsibility," Villepin said on TF1 television.

I guess a nation wide mandatory curfew might inconvenience people too much. Having 5000+ cars torched is less of a hassle.

French Riots

11 days of riots by Moslems in France and Officials are talking about getting serious about doing something:
Despite the tough talk from government and community leaders, there has been no mention yet of whether the army would be called in, or whether a curfew would be imposed to suppress the rioting, the worst in France since the 1968 student riots. Overtaxed police officers, however, are hoping to see such reinforcements. By Jennifer Joan Lee THE WASHINGTON TIMES November 7, 2005

The fear is that rioting will spread if the government responds too aggressively. What? Not being aggressive seems to be helping spread the violence just fine. Perhaps the confusion lies with the fact that there is no clear group to surrender to.

Or they may be waiting for the U.S. to come pull their quiche from the fire.

The way I see it, if someone is ready to throw a Molotov cocktail that would constitute assault with a dearly weapon. Why don't the police shoot one or two of them? The Moslems are already burning the place down. Rudeness will get the French just so far.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cartoons in Iran

This article in the Telegraph details the efforts to brainwash Moslem children to become suicide bombers. What can be said for people who send children to do their dirty work. Sacrificing children for political advantage is not just detestable, its a symptom of a culture the needs to be cleaned out. These great leaders of Iran and all the other Islamic states that perpetuate this barbarism would never expose themselves to martyrdom. The only time any of them are "martyred" is when they are found in their hiding place and killed. Children! Oh yeah lets send ignorant kids to die for us so we can rule what's left of the world. The heaven that they dispatch these kids to can't be that great a place if the adults aren't in a hurry to go there. It can't be near as nice as this world since the leaders of this twisted culture are happy to stay behind.

What boggles my mind is the silence of the liberals. They carp endlessly about "the children" and the third world poverty, but they are so paralyzed by multiculturalisum and the fear of nuclear explosions the they seem quite content to justify not taking deceive action to stop these people. They hold to a "think good thoughts and Tinkerbell won't die" approach to the problems of the world. Oh, but a Republican stepping up to take action and they go ballistic! "The Evil Republicans! We must save the world from Bush! Let the children of the Moslems die killing Jews and Americans, we have to stop George Bush!"

Wait a minute, I completely forgot that this is the kind of situation that the UN was created for. Sigh... all will be well. Kofi and the boys will march right in there a fix things right up.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Parent notification being put to a vote

In California they will be voting on a proposition that would require parents to be notified 48 hrs before a minor may have an abortion. There are enough loop holes in this provision to render it ineffective yet the abortion advocates are up in arms that this may pass. I suppose the fact that 34 other states have similar laws has them worried since it requires 36 states to amend the constitution. Two more and it could be a national law. The trend is not their friend. As week as this law will be it will still stop some abortions and thus save not only the child's life, but preserve the mother from the emotional devastation that follows post abortion women for most of their lives.

Former President Carter is often a candidate for a wood shampoo, but he recently told the democrats that they are killing themselves politically by being fixated on supporting unlimited abortion rights. He is correct. They however aren't impressed. Go figure.

I don't need to dispense wood shampoos to the democrats, they are letting the electorate do it for me.

Check out the article from The Washington Times by clicking the title of this post. It has all the arguments laid out in it.

Friday, November 04, 2005

List of Topics (as of now)

One topic I will not discuss here is financial investing. Everything else is fair game. In order alphabetically:

Ancient History

Just in case you don't know, I'm a Christian conservative with a wood shampoo dispenser. When nonsense rears it ugly head I massage it's cranium with the billyclub of truth, and a twisted sense of humor. The later is what gives this blog it's name