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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Murtha and Support for the War

WorldNetDaily reports Rep. Murtha ran an online poll. Apparently he was unhappy with the results. When the numbers came in they showed overwhelming support for the mission in Iraq. Rather than acknowledge the truth he took the poll off his web site's front page and buried it on another page with no link.

The congressman at the center of the battle last week over withdrawal of troops from Iraq removed the results from his own Internet poll on the subject after online voters overwhelmingly opposed his stance.

Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pa., posted the poll after he ignited a firestorm in the House that led to Republicans forcing a quick vote on the issue Friday.

While a revised poll page remains on the site, the link to it from his home page has been removed, making the survey effectively invisible to the public.

12,000 people participated in the poll. Here are the results as posted at The Free Republic:

Please indicate which of the following best summarizes your view on what the United States should do in Iraq:

A. We should immediately remove all troops. 1,562 votes, 12.3 percent

B. We should redeploy to the periphery of Iraq as soon as practical to protect troop safety and give the Iraqis incentive to take charge sooner, not later. 3,239 votes, 25.6 percent

C. We should maintain current troop levels until Iraq builds an army to defend and stabilize their country, even if that takes years. 6,726 votes, 53.1 percent

D. We should re-institute the national draft to increase troop levels to where we can seal the Iraqi borders and stop the passage of insurgents and insurgent-supply missions. 1,146 votes, 9 percent

E. None of the above. 3 votes, 0.0 percent

Next time we here the Dems saying there's no popular support for the war, we'll know without a doubt, they know better.

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