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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Jordan to strike back?

Now that his country is no longer immune to Al-Qaeda attacks following the bombing of three hotels in the capitol, King Abdullah II of Jordan wants his Prime Minister to launch a war against the Takfiri culture. The new Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit was a general who ran army and police training at a Jordanian university.

Takfiri: Violent, Salafist extremists from Egypt. Ahmed Rabei was a prominent follower. Takfiris are not bound by the usual religious constraints such as wearing a beard, drinking alcohol, or eating pork when such restrictions would interfere with waging effective jihad. To Takfiris, strict adherence to those laws precludes necessary covert action in defense of Islam. Because Takfiris "blend in," they can organize, plan, and take action necessitated by the overriding duty of Jihad with less risk of identification, interference, or interception.

I say better late than never. The test will be in their actions though. There is plenty of history from the middle east of leaders making statements and then doing something different. Just look at all the cheating that goes on in OPEC. No one believes they'll stick to their quotas. They never have. This could be different. The Saudis are making noise about doing something but haven't since they arrested some men back in May. The problem for that region is Al-Qeada has been killing vastly more Moslems than Americans and British.

I'll hope for good news, I'm not holding my breath.



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