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Monday, December 28, 2009

Barry the O-man (sung to Frosty the Snowman)

Barry the O-man, he was such a perfect fit,
for his followers who were full of hope,
because the O-man's full of __it.

He dreamed of powerful leaders and how they took control one day.
Like Stalin and Mao and Barack said "Wow! That's a role I'd like to play!"

Barry the O-man, called me "racist and biggot",
that I should dare, to ask him where,
was his birth certificate?

He's snubs our friends and allies with insults that really cut.
Then bows and scrapes to our enemies, and proceeds to kissin' butt.

Oh Barry the O-man, he will come to naught at last.
And to sum it best, like Kanye West,
The O-man's an (male donkey).

Once again Thanks to Broken Gun for this.

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