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Monday, November 14, 2005

Stopping Crime With Crack-Jack

The anti-car theft devices that one can get seen adequate but are boring. I want something that will not only stop a thief, but convince him to never bug people again. That's why I want Crack-Jack! Crack-Jack is simply a cell phone activated taser installed into the seat on the driver's side. Just call the Crack-Jack number, enter the code and 40,000 volts are then applied to the buttock of the car thief. It can be set to deliver a long term shock, or short pulses every 5 seconds. Leaving the car in a bad part of town and watching from a hotel window can offer hours of good clean fun. . Either way the perp will think twice before sitting down in a strange car anytime soon. It may also be helpful in dealing with unfaithful spouses.



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