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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cartoons in Iran

This article in the Telegraph details the efforts to brainwash Moslem children to become suicide bombers. What can be said for people who send children to do their dirty work. Sacrificing children for political advantage is not just detestable, its a symptom of a culture the needs to be cleaned out. These great leaders of Iran and all the other Islamic states that perpetuate this barbarism would never expose themselves to martyrdom. The only time any of them are "martyred" is when they are found in their hiding place and killed. Children! Oh yeah lets send ignorant kids to die for us so we can rule what's left of the world. The heaven that they dispatch these kids to can't be that great a place if the adults aren't in a hurry to go there. It can't be near as nice as this world since the leaders of this twisted culture are happy to stay behind.

What boggles my mind is the silence of the liberals. They carp endlessly about "the children" and the third world poverty, but they are so paralyzed by multiculturalisum and the fear of nuclear explosions the they seem quite content to justify not taking deceive action to stop these people. They hold to a "think good thoughts and Tinkerbell won't die" approach to the problems of the world. Oh, but a Republican stepping up to take action and they go ballistic! "The Evil Republicans! We must save the world from Bush! Let the children of the Moslems die killing Jews and Americans, we have to stop George Bush!"

Wait a minute, I completely forgot that this is the kind of situation that the UN was created for. Sigh... all will be well. Kofi and the boys will march right in there a fix things right up.



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