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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Oct. 14 Raid Killed Zarqawi Confidant

Another member of al-Zarqawi's top people has been taken out

A family member and coalition sources have confirmed that Oct. 14 raids killed a close confidant of fugitive Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, military officials reported today.

Detained al Qaeda members say Abu Ubaydah served as an "executive secretary" for Zarqawi, meeting with the terrorist leader frequently, serving as his messenger and gatekeeper, and screening all messages and requests for meetings. Detainees also claim he provided Zarqawi with safe house locations and used intimidation and death threats to gain the cooperation of the Iraqi people to support al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist activity

One more cog in the Al-Qeada wheel. One more to throw on this heap:

Though the American media is slow to report it, U.S. forces are relentlessly destroying Zarqawi’s senior leadership. A November 2 air strike killed two senior al Qaeda operatives in Iraq: Abu Zahra, the so-called Emir of Husaybah, ran all insurgent operations in that Iraqi city, and Asadallah, Zarqawi’s key recruiter. U.S. forces have now confirmed the identities of both dead terrorists.On October 23, U.S. forces captured Abu Hassan, the head of al-Zarqawi’s media cell. Hassan was responsible for producing video tapes of insurgent attacks to give to al-Jazeera and other television networks. Hassan even produced forged police and press passes to allow insurgents to case targets and film the devastation following insurgent attacks.



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