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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Harry Reid says Bin Laden Dead

Harry Ried (D) Nevada said in a TV News interview that he thought Bin Laden was killed by the earthquake in Pakistan. He added that he was not sure if that really happened, but he thought it possible.

What we have here is the set up from more calls to quit Iraq. The whole no WMD canard has not played as well as they hoped so it looks like the next tact will be to claim, "We went to get Bin Laden. He's dead so our job is done. Let's bring the troops home." My guess is that this will be the big point on the Sunday talk shows.

Never mind that he said he was speculating. Democrats seldom let details like that stop them. The qualifier is just part of the set up. No one is supposed to remember that part. By next week they'll be calling him officially dead. Even that is beside the point. Bin Laden is not terrorism, neither is Zarqawi. Killing them will go a long way to gaining a beach head against terror, but defeating it is a ways off yet. The western world tolerated terror for to long. It has been allowed to fester to the point that Afghanistan and Iraq were the first amputations. Radical surgery of some nations leadership may save us from more. To cut and run from Iraq would put the whole patient at risk. The world cannot afford the "think good thoughts and Tinkerbell won't die" approach.



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