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Friday, November 25, 2005

EU warns Iran of sanctions

Vienna, Austria:

The European Union concerned Iran has blueprints for building nuclear warheads joined the United States in threatening Tehran with sanctions.

Iran, meanwhile, suggested it was considering a compromise to reduce tensions. Britain offered to negotiate with Iran to get them to drop their desire to control uranium enrichment, "But Iran should not conclude that this window of opportunity will remain open in all circumstances," Peter Jenkins , the chief British delegate to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) warned.

Diplomats were adamant the finger waging was going to continue if Iran didn't drop its nuclear ambitions..

The United States said the next move would be sanctions but added that Washington and its European allies were willing to let the pressure of the finger wagging to have its effect. "Iran must understand that the report to the council requires finger wagging, name calling may be next." Gregory L. Schulte, the chief U.S. representative to the IAEA. also warned that patience was limited. The Iranians are "digging themselves deeper into a hole that threatens to collapse around them," Mr. Schulte said. "Their actions could ultimately lead to a UN resolution!"

The EU also suggested that a Nuclear Weapons for Food program be offered. The French ambassador offered that his country was willing to oversee the implementation.. This caused the German delegation to protest saying all European countries should share in the implementation.

Iranian delegate Javad Vaidi said, "We are prepared to follow the path of dialogue with other countries, including the EU-3," referring to France, Germany and Britain. Later he was overheard saying "We'll make them an offer they can't refuse."

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