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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why We Keep Them in Guantanamo

AP reports:

RABAT, Morocco — Moroccan police have dismantled a terrorist network, arresting 17 people, including two former prisoners at the U.S. base in Guantanamo, Cuba, the official MAP news agency reported Sunday. At least some of the suspects were linked to Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Brahim Benchekroun and Mohammed Mazouz -- among five Moroccans freed from Guantanamo in August 2004 -- were among the suspects.

A suspected former body guard of Usama bin Laden, Abdellah Tabarak, was also among the five released from Guantanamo. They were given provisional freedom in Morocco after leaving U.S. custody, but all face trial in their home country.

Now tell me why do people want us to let these guys out?


Anonymous PHenry said...

Remember, to the Dems, this should never have been a war. It should have been a law enforcement issue. And we know how the left wants to deal with law enforcement issues. Give them 10 chances, then parolle them after 3 years. Why should it be any different with 'insurgents' who blow up babies and topple towers? I mean, after all, America deserves it, Right?

10:13 AM  

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