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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Parent notification being put to a vote

In California they will be voting on a proposition that would require parents to be notified 48 hrs before a minor may have an abortion. There are enough loop holes in this provision to render it ineffective yet the abortion advocates are up in arms that this may pass. I suppose the fact that 34 other states have similar laws has them worried since it requires 36 states to amend the constitution. Two more and it could be a national law. The trend is not their friend. As week as this law will be it will still stop some abortions and thus save not only the child's life, but preserve the mother from the emotional devastation that follows post abortion women for most of their lives.

Former President Carter is often a candidate for a wood shampoo, but he recently told the democrats that they are killing themselves politically by being fixated on supporting unlimited abortion rights. He is correct. They however aren't impressed. Go figure.

I don't need to dispense wood shampoos to the democrats, they are letting the electorate do it for me.

Check out the article from The Washington Times by clicking the title of this post. It has all the arguments laid out in it.



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