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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Habitat for Humanity Partners with Planned Parenthood

The one thing Jimmy Carter did that was worthwhile was supporting the organization Habitat for Humanity. Like most things Carter gets involved with, even this one has descended into nonsense.

Zoning ordinances prevented Planned Parenthood from opening an abortion clinic in the Rosemary district of Sarasota, Fla. They did, that is, until Habitat for Humanity's Sarasota affiliate stepped in to help out.

By agreeing to purchase Planned Parenthood's land for $10 and build housing on a portion of it, Habitat for Humanity enabled Planned Parenthood to bypass a city requirement that had been preventing the organization from obtaining an occupancy permit.

Planned Parenthood's dilemma stemmed from city ordinances that required a multifamily "liner" building be constructed at the back of the property before Planned Parenthood could open a clinic at the front. The organization had been unable to secure a builder to meet the requirement…until they found Habitat for Humanity.

That's right Habitat for Humanity helped Planned Parenthood build an abortion mill in exchange for land to build houses for the poor. That's their business if they want to support such things but they will now do it without my future support. I don't know what it is about charity organizations that they all seem to eventually start shilling for liberal nonsense. It is doubly curious when one considers that a large portion of charitable donations come from citizens who are conservative in their politics. Liberals are notorious for being skinflints when it comes to giving out of their own funds. Yet the organizations that accept these donations just can't resist falling for some liberal cause that will alienate them from many givers.

Update: Habitat for Humanity affiliate ends cooperation with Planned Parenthood
Now that didn't take long.


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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Would-be Blackmailers

My friend at POMIL has summed up the strategy of the media and Obama supporters in handling criticism of his stand on various issues. It has been made clear by such luminaries as Chris Matthews that the reason Barrack does not get all the votes is because those who do not vote for him do so because they are racists. Francis Bakes makes a point few seem to consider.

26 May 2008

Anyone who criticizes Barack Hussein Obama is apt to be labeled racist.

But, to which race are the allegedly racist remarks ascribed? The senator is racially united, half white and half black - mulatto, by definition. Are we attacking "Whitey" when we criticize him?

If we say he is a socialist, what is the racial component of that remark? If we say that he, with his life-long background of close association with communists, domestic terrorists, anti-Americans, racists, and foreign despots should be denied a security clearance, upon which race do we peg that opinion?

It is ironic that race is such a hot topic within the Democrat primaries but is never brought up by the Republicans. It is even more ironic when you remember (as I do) the "Solid South" Democrats of the 1930s and 40s who kept the Negroes "in their place."

In this crucial war-time election, the electorate must not allow themselves to be silenced by racial blackmailers.

Some of the electorate met today at the cemetery here in Warrenton to honor those who helped preserve our liberty and national sovereignty. They are in no mood to humor egotistical, clue-less, nitwits who threaten our Constitution.

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst


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Monday, May 26, 2008

Monica Lin Brown Receives the Silver Star

This Memorial day I would like to highlight one soldier who exemplifies the type of people we have serving our country. She is only the second woman to recieve the Silver Star since WorldWar II.

On April 25, 2007, Brown was the medic on a mission to hunt members of a bombmaking cell. The patrol had finished its work and was returning to its base, with platoon commander Lt. Martin Robbins in the lead Humvee. The last of the five trucks had just eased down a dip in the rough road when one of its rear wheels triggered an improvised bomb, shredding the back of the truck.

Insurgents then began firing assault rifles and machine guns, and soon a mortar team arrived.

Brown and her platoon sergeant dashed back to the burning truck, where all five soldiers who had been inside were wounded.

Brown and the soldiers who were least injured helped the others move away from the flames, down into a shallow stream bed for cover. But the flames began to detonate mortar shells and bullets in the truck, and the soldiers were quickly caught in a crossfire of automatic weapons fire from insurgents and blasts from the truck, Robbins said.

This was the first of two points in the firefight where Brown lay across wounded men to shield them.

Robbins had been so far ahead when the attack started he didn't hear the explosion but turned around when his Humvee came under fire.

The shooting went on more than half an hour, and the wounded soldiers had to be moved twice to safer locations. By the time the fight was over, Brown had used up all the supplies in her aid bag. All five of the wounded men were later evacuated by helicopter.

Paul Boyce, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon, said regulations prevent women from permanent assignments to front-line combat units such as Robbins' but that temporary assignments like Brown's are allowed.

Robbins said there was no question in his mind or that of anyone else there that day that Brown deserved the medal. He put in the paperwork for it, though the process took several months.

The Army let her brother Justin come to the medal ceremony, but she had one wish the Army couldn't grant, which was to bring the soldiers from Robbins' platoon to the ceremony too. They were in transit home.

"They looked out for me," she said. "I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for them."
By Jay Price | McClatchy/Tribune Newspapers May 9, 2008


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Friday, May 23, 2008


Following is further evidence that there are nit wits in charge at all levels. Bob Marshall is one of the very few who believes in something and stands for what he believes.


FOR RELEASE: On Receipt May 20, 2008

'Grotesque Decision'

'Strongly' Urges Virginia Attorney General McDonnell to Carry Case to U.S. Supreme Court

Del. Bob Marshall (R., Manassas) today scored the federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals for its decision overturning Virginia's partial-birth abortion law, charging that the ruling "is a corruption of law, and the procedure is the destruction of medicine."

"I strongly urge the Attorney General [Bob] McDonnell to appeal this grotesque decision, and I hope that the members of the U.S. Supreme Court will first of all read my statute," Marshall, who authored the law passed by the Virginia General Assembly to prevent the killing of human children in the process of birth, said.

"I fully hope that infanticide will not become the law of the land by judicial decree."

Marshall, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, said, "The bottom line is that Congress has complete authority over 14th Amendment definitions of persons and citizens. Thomas Jefferson wrote, 'All men are created [not born] equal,' and the first right in our Declaration of Independence is the right of life.

"We can no longer accept soothing words from politicians who say they will appoint pro-life judges when they clearly have not done so since 1973. Abortion up to birth is currently justified by judges ratified by the United States Senate.

"Members of Congress have to take responsibility. Any politicians who says he will appoint pro-life judges is simply telling us that he does not want to deal with the question of the definition of life. Congress can define all the terms of the 14th Amendment, including 'persons' and 'citizens' to include unborn children."

The Associated Press reported that the federal appeals court, by a 2-1 decision, found that Virginia's ban on late-term abortion is unconstitutional even though it is similar to a federal law approved by the U.S. Supreme Court. The federal law protects doctors who set out to perform a legal abortion that by accident becomes the banned procedure, AP reported. The Virginia law, the court said, contains no such protection

Marshall, however, noted that the Virginia statute he wrote contains this language: "Any person who knowingly performs partial birth infanticide and thereby kills a human infant is guilty of a Class 4 felony.. For the purposes of this section, 'partial birth infanticide' means any deliberate act that is intended to kill a human infant who has been born alive, but who has not been complete extracted or expelled from its mother, and that does kill such infant, regardless of whether death occurs before or after extraction or expulsion from its mother has been completed."

NEWS CONTACT: Bill Kling, 804-580-4050 (telephone), 804-761-4430 (cellphone), kling@usa.net

Paid for by Marshall for Senate, Inc.
Marshall for Senate, Inc., Post Office Box 458, Manassas, Virginia 20108 ? bobmarshall2008.com


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

McCain, Obama, Clinton and the Supreme Court

McCain is a difficult candidate to get enthused about because he is such an enigma. He supports a gas tax holiday and defends it by saying the only bridges to suffer from the lost revenue would be the pork barrel projects that go to nowhere, then he shows up a La Raza event to spout nonsense about immigration. Now he has come out to say he would appoint only strict constructionist judges to the bench.

This is not the first time he has said this and his voting record backs it up even though he did get involved in the whole gang of 14 stupidity. What sets him apart on this issue is highlighted by the comments of his counterparts on the Democrat side of the presidential beauty pageant on this subject.

In response, Obama's campaign said McCain would pick judges who would threaten abortion rights as well as McCain's own campaign finance reform bill.

"What's truly elitist is to appoint judges who will protect the powerful and leave ordinary Americans to fend for themselves," Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said.

Obviously Obama has no problem with judges that use criteria other than the Constitution to decide the cases before them. Does Obama support class or economic status as the determining factors in who receives favor from the law? It appears from the statement of his campaign spokesman that he does. He also seems to think the campaign finance law is unconstitutional. If so, why has he not pressed for its repeal?

Hillary Clinton is no better in her response.

Clinton's campaign shot back over McCain's charges of partisanship, arguing that he had voted for "extreme conservative judges" including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

"In an effort to pander to conservative voters, Senator McCain has signaled his intention to appoint right-wing judges who are committed to rolling back women's rights and civil rights, elevating the interests of big business over the rights of workers and consumers, affirming executive branch power grabs, and undermining our common core freedoms," Clinton Campaign Police director Neera Tanden said.

"Senator Clinton has a different vision. She will appoint judges who respect the separation of powers, are steadfast in protecting civil rights and liberties, including the right of privacy, and who cherish equal justice under law."

How do judges who uphold the Constitution threaten "women's rights and civil rights, elevating the interests of big business over the rights of workers and consumers, affirming executive branch power grabs, and undermining our common core freedoms,"? She seems to be agreeing with McCain when she describes the type of judges she would appoint but we know by he rejection of Alito, Thomas and Roberts that she does not.

The Constitution is the contract we have made with those who we ask to govern us. Those who claim it is a "living" document do so to negate those inconvenient clauses that limit the power of our government officials. When one signs a contract for work to be done it is to protect both the parties by defining the work and the compensation for completing it. If such a document was living, i.e. subject to change, it is a fraud and subject to the whim of the more powerful party. If Obama and Clinton are interested in protecting the week and preserving the rule of law that they should be strict constructionist themselves. But then they could not shove their socialist agenda down our throats if they were.


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Sunday, May 04, 2008


The meet went well. John Shifflett puts together a well run meet. The members of 100% RAW are a big part of what makes these meets enjoyable. Take Justin Vorrasi and Brian Kelleher for an example. They were in a different flight during the Bench Press yet they made sure I had a lift off even though they were warming up for their flight down stairs while I was lifting.

I originally planned to Bench 250 and Dead lift 375 as my top lifts. Training leading up to meet week went so well I raised the third lift for the bench to 260. I hit 250 on the second lift but 260 only went up 2". I hit 375 on the Dead lift as planned. Take a look at the results and you will see I was the oldest competitor, lifting the lowest weight. There were some very strong men at this meet.

I also got to meet two fellows from Crossfit RVA. They were also quite friendly. The photo from the meet is of their lifter, David Powell and from their web site.


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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Obama's Illness

This came from POMIL and made me chuckle. .

Library search and analysis of Barack Hussein Obama's life history suggests affliction with Ameriphobia disease, a disease contracted by sustained close association with others so afflicted, like foreign and domestic communists, Marxists, racists, and Sharia law anti-Christian Muslims, The disease entails fear and hatred of the United States Constitution and the liberty and rule of law for which that document stands.

The clinicians responsible for halting spread of this disease are the local, state and national voters.

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst

I might add that he is also stricken with the Jimmy Carter disease. Its main symptom is when ever one opens one's mouth, something stupid comes out. Take this as an example:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's proposal for a windfall profits tax on oil companies could cost $15 billion a year at last year's profit levels, a campaign adviser said.

The plan would target profit from the biggest oil companies by taxing each barrel of oil costing more than $80, according to a fact sheet on the proposal. The tax would help pay for a $1,000 tax cut for working families, an expansion of the earned- income tax credit and assistance for people who can't afford their energy bills.

Just the same nonsense that Carter himself did back in the 1970's that resulted in LESS availability of fuel. For that Obama will toss us a $1000 tax cut? Such a deal.

Can't this guy think of any way of addressing an issue without taxing something?

Then we get this bit of nonsense:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sought to convince Americans he is not elitist on Thursday as new polls showed his aura of inevitability has declined after weeks of negative headlines.

In an interview on NBC's "Today Show," Obama said both his rivals, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain, come from more privileged backgrounds than he did.

"The irony is, I think it is fair to say that both Michelle and I grew up in much less privileged circumstances than either of my two potential opponents," said Obama.

Oh please. What does that have to do with anything? He still acts like and talks like someone who thinks the average person is in need of his direction. That is why people think he is an elitist. He looks down his nose at us, both figuratively and literally.

Obama has an illness all right. He's ate up with nit-witery


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