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Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush, Republicans and Illegal Immigration

It is good news to hear the President say we will deal with illegal immigration. I have been puzzled and frustrated by the lack of interest that the President and the Republican congress have paid to this issue. No other country would allow such incursions. The only possible explanation I could come up with was ether a misplaced effort to impress the Hispanic vote, or a fear that the Mexican economy could not survive without the influx of dollars from those working in the U.S..

Hardening of the border can't come too soon. The situation as it obtains today only encourages lawlessness. Easing the legal process for immigration, and speeding deportation of illegals should go hand in glove. Legal immigration has been and always will be one of the pillars of our strength as a nation. Unwillingness to uphold the law is a crack in the foundation of any nation.

The courts willingness to extend rights to illegal equal to citizens debases our society. Congress has long abdicated its power as a check on the courts. This is an issue they must take up.

The guest worker idea as it is presented has placed the cart before the horse. The first move must be sanctions for those who employ illegals. The logistics and resources necessary to find and apprehend the illegals already here is staggering. To dry up the reason for them to remain would solve the problem itself. Then we can offer people who, being our neighbors and respecting our laws, can come to our country for work to both our advantage.



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