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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama and Gun Rights

After the Supreme Court ruling upholding the individual right to own weapons Obama came out with this statement:

"I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms, but I also identify with the need for crime-ravaged communities to save their children from the violence that plagues our streets through common-sense, effective safety measures. The Supreme Court has now endorsed that view, and while it ruled that the D.C. gun ban went too far, Justice Scalia himself acknowledged that this right is not absolute and subject to reasonable regulations enacted by local communities to keep their streets safe. Today's ruling, the first clear statement on this issue in 127 years, will provide much-needed guidance to local jurisdictions across the country.

"As President, I will uphold the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun-owners, hunters, and sportsmen. I know that what works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne. We can work together to enact common-sense laws, like closing the gun show loophole and improving our background check system, so that guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists or criminals. Today's decision reinforces that if we act responsibly, we can both protect the constitutional right to bear arms and keep our communities and our children safe."

Place this against his voting record then check the bologna meter.

FACT: Barack Obama voted to allow reckless lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry.1

FACT: Barack Obama wants to re-impose the failed and discredited Clinton Gun Ban.2

FACT: Barack Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.3

FACT: Barack Obama has endorsed a complete ban on handgun ownership.2

FACT: Barack Obama supports local gun bans in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and other cities.4

FACT: Barack Obama voted to uphold local gun bans and the criminal prosecution of people who use firearms in self-defense.5

FACT: Barack Obama supports gun owner licensing and gun registration.6

FACT: Barack Obama refused to sign a friend-of-the-court Brief in support of individual Second Amendment rights in the Heller case.

FACT: Barack Obama opposes Right to Carry laws.7

FACT: Barack Obama was a member of the Board of Directors of the Joyce Foundation, the leading source of funds for anti-gun organizations and "research."8

FACT: Barack Obama supported a proposal to ban gun stores within 5 miles of a school or park, which would eliminate almost every gun store in America.9

FACT: Barack Obama voted not to notify gun owners when the state of Illinois did records searches on them.10

FACT: Barack Obama voted against a measure to lower the Firearms Owners Identification card age minimum from 21 to 18, a measure designed to assist young people in the military.11

FACT: Barack Obama favors a ban on standard capacity magazines.12

FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory micro-stamping.13

FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory waiting periods.2

FACT: Barack Obama supports repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment, which prohibits information on gun traces collected by the BATFE from being used in reckless lawsuits against firearm dealers and manufacturers.14

FACT: Barack Obama supports one-gun-a-month sales restrictions.9

FACT: Barack Obama supports a ban on inexpensive handguns.9

FACT: Barack Obama supports a ban on the resale of police issued firearms, even if the money is going to police departments for replacement equipment.9

FACT: Barack Obama supports mandatory firearm training requirements for all gun owners and a ban on gun ownership for persons under the age of 21.9

Go to the link for the citations.

Obama is no different than any other liberal politician. He talks freedom while he intends serfdom.

For a liberal's take on Obama's position on gun rights check out TalkLeft.


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Supreme Court Rules on Second Amendment.

In a 5-4 decision the Supreme court has struck down the Wash D.C. Gun ban. In his opinion for the majority Justice Scalia ruled that the second amendment was an individual right. That right includs hunting and self defence.

Kennedy resisted the urge to go with nonsense.

Update 11:10 am: The dissenting opinion called the majority judicial activists. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I haven't seen it. What a joke. The ones most routinely legislating from the bench calling the constructionists activists.

Here is the link for the transcript of the decision


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Un-supersize Me

Everyone has heard about the movie Supersize Me. That is the documentary of Morgan Spurlock's 30 day McDonalds only diet resulting in him gaining 27 pounds and the health problems associated with such a gain. His purpose was to look into the effects fast food may have in contributing to the increase of obesity in the US.

Contrast that with the experience of Chris Coleson of Quinton, VA.

Frustrated by a number of false starts with losing weight, he made a bold prediction to his wife, Tricia Sumner -- that he could lose weight and do it by eating only at McDonald's. He chose the fast-food chain in part because its locations are convenient for his busy schedule.

"There was a level of fear after I said that," said Coleson, who has no affiliation with McDonald's other than eating almost every meal there during his diet. "At that point, I had to stick with it."...

... Coleson dropped from 278 pounds when he started the diet Dec. 3 to 199 as of yesterday, the last time he weighed himself.

What Chris did was simply cut the bread and restrict the calories. He consumed between 1200-1400 calories a day. The single most important thing he did though was he kept a food log. By saving the receipts and then pasting then in a notebook, he kept track of what he was eating at each meal. This is the critical factor to my own weight loss. Knowing I would be putting every item into a log that calculated my calories, cabs, fat and protein I was very careful about mindless eating. Mr. Coleson needs to make some adjustments to his eating habits to add to his healthy gains but he has slain the giant, He no longer eats mindlessly. It matters little what one eats if one eats less calories than one uses. That is why any diet will work if one sticks with the program. Issues such as insulin resistance and cholesterol can be addressed at the same time with a proper diet but if it is not one that is appealing enough to stay on it, it is of no value. Chris Coleson achieved this.

Coleson said he got to where he couldn't fit into a booth at restaurants, barely could tie his shoes, and had to sleep sitting up to be comfortable. His children, James and Meghan, would call him old and fat and pound on his belly as a joke. He put "OLD-NFAT" on the license plates of his car...

...For his wife's 40th birthday in April, Coleson spent $274.18 on McDonald's food, which he catered at the YMCA for about 35 people (the receipt's in one of his journals). But the big present for his wife came when he put on his wedding ring, which he had removed from a painfully swollen finger seven years ago.

The license plates on his vehicle now say "MCFIT." His waist size has dropped from 50 to 36.

Cut the calories, balance the carbs, fat and protein to 40%, 30% and 30% respectively but most importantly, keep a food log. It will transform the way you eat. Chirs Colesome did it eating at McDonalds.


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Professor Claims Va. Lottery Misrepresents Prizes

While private lotteries are illegal in Virginia, the State enjoys a monopoly on gambling with the exception of bingo games operated by charitable organization. The reason for this is the state fears it cannot prevent fraud if someone other than the state were to be free to offer lotteries or numbers games, or it would invite the participation of organized crime. As has been found in most government programs however; the lottery as run by the State of Virginia not only offers poor odds but it has been discovered that it sells tickets that have zero possibility of winning.

Monday, a Roanoke law firm announced its intention to sue the lottery on behalf of Scott Hoover, an associate professor at Washington and Lee University who teaches applied business statistics. The letter that lawyer John Fishwick sent to the state claims the lottery has violated its contract with scratch ticket buyers by purposefully selling tickets that have no chance at all of winning a top prize.

"We estimate that since 2003, the state has sold over 26.5 million losing tickets in this way, pocketing an estimated $84.7 million in purchase prices from the shell game," Fishwick said. "The state cannot continue to boost revenues by knowingly selling its citizens defective tickets based on hollow promises of an opportunity that does not exist."

There are severe penalties for individuals who violate the gaming laws of perpetuate such a fraud but the politicians have made quite plain that the State be free from such worries.

Virginia Code
§ 18.2-334.3. Exemptions to article; state lottery.

Nothing in this article shall apply to any lottery conducted by the Commonwealth of Virginia pursuant to Chapter 40 of Title 58.1.

So it is no surprise that this action by the State Lottery Board is intentional. When there is no threat of penalty there is nothing to stop fraud even by the government.

Hoover began tracking the data the lottery posted on its Internet site about how often top prizes were given out in scratch games and realized "the numbers posted online violated basic laws of statistics."

Working with Fishwick's firm, he filed Virginia Freedom of Information Act requests and learned that by July 24, 2007, three days before he bought his tickets, all of the grand prizes had been given out for that particular batch. "When I bought these, there was zero chance to win the $75,000 prize," Hoover said.

Hoover alleges that the state has done the same thing in all its scratch games, leaving batches of tickets on sale after all the grand prizes from the batch are claimed, instead of telling retailers to pull the "stale" tickets and replace them immediately with a new batch.

When a game is popular, the state will in fact print a new batch of tickets, which has a new set of top prizes. Yet it will let the entire first run of tickets sell out, even if all of the top prizes for that run have been claimed, Hoover asserted. Thus it's possible for someone to buy a ticket from the old batch, thinking he's eligible for one of the new prizes, when that ticket has no chance of winning.

The State cannot claim ignorance either. Last year the State of Texas lottery was found to have been doing the very same thing. A State Senator forced the government to stop the practice. It would be a stretch to believe the members of the Virginia State Lottery were not aware of the results of the Texas controversy, yet they continued the fraud believing somehow they would never be caught.


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Monday, June 09, 2008

World Aids Pandemic Over

So says the World Health Organization.

Aids may kill more individuals that all the world's wars grouped together, but the threat of a world pandemic is over, the World Health Organisation has officially conceded.

In a surprising about-turn, the organisation has admitted that for hetrosexuals outside of Africa Aids is not on the increase, although they insist there is still concern about some high risk groups, such as intravenous drug users, homosexual men and prostitutes.

Kevin de Cock, an epidemiologist and head of the WHO's department of HIV/Aids, explains: 'It is very unlikely there will be a heterosexual epidemic in other countries [outside continental Africa].

'Ten years ago a lot of people were saying there would be a generalised epidemic in Asia - China was the big worry with its huge population. That doesn't look likely. But we have to be careful.

What hey didn't say is that it never started. The dire predictions of widespread aids among heterosexuals were all just a smoke screen to hide the main cause of the spread of the disease, sexual practices common among male homosexuals. Africa remains the source of the greater numbers of heterosexual aids so one has to surmise that the whole story on what people are doing in Africa is not being told. I do know from previous reading the unsanitary medical practices are high on the list. One can't use the same needle for vaccinations for 20-30 people without complications, by people how should know better no less.

Just as we are witnessing with global warming, the talking heads and politicians made up a threat as a cover for them to pick our pockets and push their leftist nonsense. Now that no one is buying that pandemic stuff they decide to declare victory and move on.

As for the opening line about Aids killing more people than all the worlds wars put together, BOLOGNA! It's nothing more than the same hyperbole they spew whenever they have some new cause celeb they wish to milk. Weren't we all supposed to be underwater by now because of global warming? What happened to the Bird Flu pandemic? What about us all dying in a nuclear holocaust?

The real question is when will people stop falling for this nonsense?


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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Obama Quits Trinity United Church

The heat has gotten to Obama. It was the heat of the spotlight on the Church he chose to raise his family in. He was married there, his children were baptized there and his mentor and spiritual leader, Rev Wright was there. Twenty years and the start of his political career went through that church and no one thought it was any different than any other church, until the national spotlight was turned on it.

The scenes we have witnessed from the pulpit are shocking to every sane person witnessing them. Barack Obama had no place to hide. Like the mice in the kitchen when the lights go on he scurried for cover but there was none. His Pastor and spiritual adviser only threw fuel in the fire once it started. Every two weeks he had to dump another kook from his campaign because of racist statements they had made. He has had to explain away associations with truly undesirable people and elitist and offensive statements he has made without the tried and true method of the past that let others such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton buffalo the public. They could silence any criticism by simply crying "racist!" Those days a fast becoming history because of Barack Obama. Not because he has sought to bring them to an end but because his candidacy has inadvertently lifted the rock revealing the slime and corruption of the civil rights activists.

The most damning part of this whole ordeal for Obama is his statement after he was asked if he had any idea his relationship with the pastor of the church he attended for twenty years would be such a problem.

"This was one I didn't see coming,"


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