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Sunday, September 13, 2009

9/12 Protest Washington DC Time Lapse Footage 0800 - 1130

This shows time lapse photography of the crowd in DC on 9/12. When I arrived at about 1:00 I could hear the crowd from three blocks away and was impressed by the volume compared to what I've experienced at sporting events in the past.


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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My First Town Hall Meeting Fredericksburg, VA

I have heard the stories of various Town Meetings throughout the country. Try as I might, I could find no meetings scheduled for my district or by any of my Senators.Then my Representative, Mr Rob Wittman announced he was hosting on on September 1, 2009 in Fredericksburg, VA.

All arrangements made to accommodate the farm animals, we made the hour journey, parked three blocks away and made it with time to get at the end of a very long line. Few people had signs. The most who did had preprinted signs made by the pro-government organization Health care for America Now. A woman for that organization came walking along the line toward us. She stopped suddenly when she recognized someone she knew, then gave him a sign and lapel sticker. Having done so she turned and walked back the other way.

I turned to my wife and wondered why the woman did not ask us if we wanted a sign. Then I had an idea.

I caught up with her and asked, "May I have a sign?"

Surprised she replied, "Yes, which one would you like?"

I chose the one most likely to serve my purpose. She asked if I wanted a lapel sticker, I said "Nagh."

Back in line I looked at the wording of the sign and wondered aloud how I could modify it to suit my need. It read,"INSURANCE PROFITS ARE BAD FOR MY HEALTH." I asked people in line if any had a pen, getting one I got on the ground and began to cross out "PROFITS ARE" and adding above INSURANCE, the word GOVERNMENT. At this moment the woman who gave me the sign had come back demanding I return the sign.

I stood up incredulous that she make such a demand. She repeated her demand so I replyed in as childish a manner as I could, "No! You gave it to me, It's mine!"

"Well I'm calling the police." She shot back.

"Go get him and bring him here." I replied.

Not long after she stomped off the line began to move. When we reached to door she was there waiting with Officer Friendly. Pointing me out he asked me to step aside. My wife went on in to secure a place to sit. Officer Friendly says to me, "She says you took here sign."

"No Sir, I asked her for a sign, she offered me a choise as to which one, I chose this one and she gave it to me."

Turning back to her he asked if she gave the sign to me when I asked. She said acknowledged that she did, then Officer Friendly let me go in.

The meeting was generally orderly. The Congressman was not in favor of the bill so he had a positive response from the crowd most of the evening. There were a few supporters of the bill but they were rather quiet. Speakers were chosen from 3x5 cards with names in a hopper. I was not chosen. As we left the sign woman and her grew were outside the door. She asked if I enjoyed my sign which I affirmed. We stopped at a BBQ place in Fredericksburg. As I was putting the tip on the table who should walk in but my friend the sign lady. She laughed when she saw me. I told her to have a nice evening and went out to catch up with my wife.


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