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Monday, September 17, 2007

Reinforce The Troops!

I am privileged to receive periodic emails from Francis Baker, POMIL Research Analyst Here for your edification is the latest.

The continuing outrageous dependence upon a minuscule percentage of our young able-bodied citizens to protect this country has got to stop.

I had no family when I soldiered in my first two wars - World War II and the Korean War. Born in the Army, and a West Point graduate, of course I did not complain. But, the third time around - Vietnam - leaving my wife and five small children at Dulles Airport, instead of retiring, was the worst day of my life to that date. And as I later watched younger infantrymen and helicopter pilots go back to Vietnam, I wondered, faced with a second tour in Vietnam, would I go?

Now we are sending our warriors into combat repeatedly for lengthy tours, with little respite.

Our somewhat callous, narcissistic citizenry say of the warriors, "Well, they're all volunteers. They like that stuff." No, they don't. Who likes to kill - anything? Who likes to see others suffer, friend or foe? Who likes to endure the harsh climate, the poisonous snakes and the insects? Above all, who likes separation from family and friends?

Why, then, do our wonderful warriors now serve? The answer is clear: Duty and Honor, yes. But more than that, Country. They love this country, as it was created under our magnificent Constitution. They love their God-given Liberty. And they have a deadly hatred for those who would deprive their family and friends of Freedom.

We must look past the Middle East cauldron, at voracious Red China, and at KGB thug Putin's Russia, and realize we need to mobilize for war - our manpower, our industry, and our very souls - NOW!

Reinforce the troops!

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst



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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Democrats Two Faced Patriotism

The Democrats have been offered the opportunity to repudiate the slanderous ad by MoveOn.org which calls Gen. Petraeus a traitor. Not surprisingly the Democrats won't even allow the vote to take place. Nancy Pelosi's spokesman Nadeam Elshami simply said his boss "wished [MoveOn.org] wouldn't have done that ad,". Perhaps because it's inconvienent for her supporters to say in public what she doesn't want voters to know she says in private..

John Edwards who has received advertising support from the organization does the typical double speak that Democrats are trying to use for cover

A spokesman for former Sen. John Edwards, a Democratic presidential candidate who has benefited from full-page ads MoveOn.org ran on his behalf, said Mr. Edwards "honors General Petraeus' service and patriotism," but he did not disavow the MoveOn.org ad.

One cannot claim to honor another person's patriotism while standing silent when one's own friends call him a traitor. Imagine a husband telling his wife he loves and respects her yet still hangs out with his buddy that called her a whore. There is small difference.

Edwards is not unique. Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich went to Syria and disparaged the United States on Syrian TV.

Thank you. But I love my country, and I want my country to be loved by the world....The effort against Iraq was dishonest, or crooked, from the beginning, and nothing good can come of it, except: The international community is needed to become involved to put together a peace-keeping and security force that can move in as the U.S. determines that it must end the occupation, close the bases, bring the troops home. That's the direction we must take. But we have to understand that the policy was based on a lie.

I don't know what country he loves because he thinks the US is criminal. Many will dismiss Kucinich as a kook, which he is, but his opinions on this issue are not outside of the general position on Iraq of the other Democrats.

That they will not criticize MoveOn.org puts the lie to any claims that they support the troops or their patriotism is impeccable. Call the Democrats what they are, the fifth column.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Forget

A view of the Pentagon from Arlington Cemetery


Monday, September 10, 2007

Democrats Make Pre-emptive Strike on Iraq Reports

The expected ooze of slime from Capitol Hill hit the airways the day before the Congressional testimony by General Petraeus and United States ambassador Ryan C. Crocker. Those great fonts of truth and objectivity, Senators Biden, Kennedy, Feinstein and Reid are all out calling the General a lying boot lick.

Mr. Biden said that he respected the general, but that his expected analysis was "dead, flat wrong."

Saying he respects the General right before he calls him full of bologna doesn't cut it.

They all find some excuse to make the claim that we are headed for another Vietnam while conveniently leaving out the abandonment of support to South Vietnam by Congress that directly led to its fall. If these nitwits have their way Iraq will become another Vietnam for he same reason. Incredibly, the very same people who a unwilling to do anything about the insolvency of Social Security want to tell the government of that country how and when to solve its problems.


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Friday, September 07, 2007

Ice cream store manager kills robber

Last night a shop manager in Richmond shot and killed a robber. The manager had been shot in 1991 in a previous robbery at his place of business. He has learned a valuable lesson. Police identified the dead man as Jerome Davis released from prison nine months ago after doing time for robbery. He learned his lesson also.

On detail that further demonstrates how big a moron the criminal was, he was using a BB gun that looked like a semi-auto pistol. Let's hope that city officials don't act like morons by charging the store manager.


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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moving Forward in Prince William County

I shouldn't come as a surprise when government officials wring their hands over doing something you and I would consider simple common sense. Such is the case now that some logical procedures are creeping into the workings of the justice system in Prince William County, VA.

Five law enforcement agencies in and around Prince William County are seeking to join forces to combat illegal immigration with a proposal for federal training in deportation procedures that local officials said would be one of the first of its kind in the nation.

The multi-agency proposal comes as Republican leaders in the state legislature have announced a measure that would require city and county jails to check the immigration status of defendants in criminal cases.

The county must seek approval from the federal government to check the status of inmates and defendants going through the legal system. I would have thought this would be automatic, but that's just me thinking logically. What is truly ridiculous is the apprehension toward this initiative. Prince William Police Chief Charlie T. Deane was afraid the Latino population would react negatively if this was done, but has changed his mind when he got more political cover from the county supervisors. Why do the people in charge not consider that the citizens who are law abiding won't get riled up because officials are not doing all they should?

It's about time and I wish them all success but I know simple logic is no man's land for elected officials so I won't be holding my breath. Besides some nit wit judge will come along and toss the whole thing out on a whim before it's all over.

Hey, don't call me a cynic.


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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Boycott Succeeds

I cruised Gainesville and some of Manassas and saw no signs in support of the boycott by the illegals. Not that they did not exist but the relative absence of them betrayed some lack of interest on the part of businesses for the cause of those who expect rewards for illegal behavior. A better indication of the real effect of the boycott was the reaction of the city of Manassas.

Manassas City Council member Marc T. Aveni wants to introduce a resolution similar to the one Price William County passed that would restrict illegal immigrants from utilizing public services. So far the Illegal lobby has worked very hard to push local government into action to enforce the law the federal government is unwilling to do. I may have to join one of these illegal immigrant support groups to encourage them to have more protests and such in order to hasten the move to enforce the law.

Nancy Lyall, a spokeswoman for Mexicans Without Borders made a statement saying "The point of the boycott was to draw attention to the resolution and how that resolution is going to harm the county economically — both in terms of consumer dollars and tax dollars," she said. "We're drawing attention not only to the economic issue but to the fact that it violates human and civil rights by targeting a segment of the population."

Draw attention they did but not the kind they claim. The more these nit wits shove it in our face the more communities will pull the carpet out from under them. Keep up the good worm Nancy, see you south of the border.


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