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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Public Schools

Following is a letter I received from a friend who is using his run for president as a means to address issues that others don't:


(PR # 18)

Public Schools Agenda

7 November 2005

To Editors and Members of Congress:

Adults on the Internet discussing sex with children are arrested for
pedophilia, or for contributing pornographic to the delinquency of

Adults in our public schools (e.g., teachers and administrators) discuss
and demonstrate sexual activity with children, sometimes without
parental consent or knowledge. They call it Sex Ed and consider it a
mandatory part of the curriculum.

Recently, the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked parental
efforts to prevent a California school system from distributing an
intimately sexual survey to all elementary school children. This court
action is typical of continuing liberal efforts to impose immorality on
our society through perverse indoctrination of the young.

The answer to this outrage is to arrest the perpetrators of crimes
against children, regardless of venue - wide open Internet or
locked-down schoolrooms.

Very Respectfully,

Obadiah Eagle

Check out his web site.



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