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Friday, November 11, 2005

Peace Process

I often here about "continuing the peace process. " When this phrase is invoked the process that is being referred to is one of negotiating , deal making and talking about the root problems that lead to war. None of this will ever lead to peace. It is just an interlude to more war as each side jockeys for position while the talking goes on. What is it that will work?

Through out history there has been one process that has brought about peace, it is the utter defeat of the enemy. The Pax Romana came about because all of Rome's enemies were subdued by the Roman army. It ended when Rome could no longed defend itself. Peace in Europe was achieved only when Germany was crushed. Peace with the communist block was achieved after the Soviet Union was exhausted trying to match the military strength of the US. Peace in the Middle East will come when one side or the other can no longer fight.

The people who are most responsible for bringing peace to this world are our veterans. These who are trained to go into harms way and pay the ultimate price are the ones who we owe our freedom and prosperity. When we cease to give them the moral, financial and technical support they need, our society will fall. So let me say here Thank you and thank God for you who serve and have served in the US Military.

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