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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Why We are Fighting

In today's Washington Times By Heba Kandil:

-- Exploding buildings, booby-trapped cars and bloodied victims began appearing on Arab satellite television recently in daring dramas that deal with Islamic militancy in al Qaeda's main breeding ground.

"Al Tareeq Al-Waer" ("The Rugged Path") and "Al-Hur Al-Ayn" ("The Beautiful Maidens") were aired during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, a time of peak viewing in the Middle East. Both shows deal with intransigent interpretations of Islam, such as the one espoused by Saudi-born al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and the social problems that push some to extremism.

"It is speaking to all generations and especially hesitant people caught at crossroads. The program can't affect those who have already chosen their paths," Mr. Anzour said.

The soaps have received acclaim from some viewers, but their content has raised anger among others. A Saudi newspaper reported that some actors in "The Beautiful Maidens" received death threats.

Last year, Mr. Hamdan's series "The Road to Kabul," which dealt with Afghanistan's ousted radical Taliban regime, was pulled off the air after militant threats. Channels at the time said the show was canceled for technical reasons.

There are plenty of people who are Arab Moslems who would like to live in a modern society. Without our current involvement they would still be underground. They still fear for their lives but the progress we are having against Al-qeada has given them hope. What despair would they feel if congress would loose interest as it did in Viet Nam.

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