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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Boycott Succeeds

I cruised Gainesville and some of Manassas and saw no signs in support of the boycott by the illegals. Not that they did not exist but the relative absence of them betrayed some lack of interest on the part of businesses for the cause of those who expect rewards for illegal behavior. A better indication of the real effect of the boycott was the reaction of the city of Manassas.

Manassas City Council member Marc T. Aveni wants to introduce a resolution similar to the one Price William County passed that would restrict illegal immigrants from utilizing public services. So far the Illegal lobby has worked very hard to push local government into action to enforce the law the federal government is unwilling to do. I may have to join one of these illegal immigrant support groups to encourage them to have more protests and such in order to hasten the move to enforce the law.

Nancy Lyall, a spokeswoman for Mexicans Without Borders made a statement saying "The point of the boycott was to draw attention to the resolution and how that resolution is going to harm the county economically — both in terms of consumer dollars and tax dollars," she said. "We're drawing attention not only to the economic issue but to the fact that it violates human and civil rights by targeting a segment of the population."

Draw attention they did but not the kind they claim. The more these nit wits shove it in our face the more communities will pull the carpet out from under them. Keep up the good worm Nancy, see you south of the border.


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