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Monday, September 17, 2007

Reinforce The Troops!

I am privileged to receive periodic emails from Francis Baker, POMIL Research Analyst Here for your edification is the latest.

The continuing outrageous dependence upon a minuscule percentage of our young able-bodied citizens to protect this country has got to stop.

I had no family when I soldiered in my first two wars - World War II and the Korean War. Born in the Army, and a West Point graduate, of course I did not complain. But, the third time around - Vietnam - leaving my wife and five small children at Dulles Airport, instead of retiring, was the worst day of my life to that date. And as I later watched younger infantrymen and helicopter pilots go back to Vietnam, I wondered, faced with a second tour in Vietnam, would I go?

Now we are sending our warriors into combat repeatedly for lengthy tours, with little respite.

Our somewhat callous, narcissistic citizenry say of the warriors, "Well, they're all volunteers. They like that stuff." No, they don't. Who likes to kill - anything? Who likes to see others suffer, friend or foe? Who likes to endure the harsh climate, the poisonous snakes and the insects? Above all, who likes separation from family and friends?

Why, then, do our wonderful warriors now serve? The answer is clear: Duty and Honor, yes. But more than that, Country. They love this country, as it was created under our magnificent Constitution. They love their God-given Liberty. And they have a deadly hatred for those who would deprive their family and friends of Freedom.

We must look past the Middle East cauldron, at voracious Red China, and at KGB thug Putin's Russia, and realize we need to mobilize for war - our manpower, our industry, and our very souls - NOW!

Reinforce the troops!

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst



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Anonymous PHenry said...

This can be directly traced to the Clinton 'peace dividend' military cuts. The Democrats don't think the military is necessary, because they don't think it is acceptable to to use military force unless it is under UN control.

9 11 taught them nothing. It just reinforced their twisted view that America, by virtue of its economic and military superiority, is the source of all that is wrong in the world.

1:42 AM  
Anonymous brokengun said...

It was during the Bubba years that the slogan, "An Army of One" was adopted. Reckon we're fortunate that their objective was not achieved in its entirity.
I wrote a parody back then concerning Clinton's treatment of our military. One stanza ends:
"Like Monica, on Easter Day,
Have a cigar, and a black beret".

10:20 PM  

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