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Monday, September 10, 2007

Democrats Make Pre-emptive Strike on Iraq Reports

The expected ooze of slime from Capitol Hill hit the airways the day before the Congressional testimony by General Petraeus and United States ambassador Ryan C. Crocker. Those great fonts of truth and objectivity, Senators Biden, Kennedy, Feinstein and Reid are all out calling the General a lying boot lick.

Mr. Biden said that he respected the general, but that his expected analysis was "dead, flat wrong."

Saying he respects the General right before he calls him full of bologna doesn't cut it.

They all find some excuse to make the claim that we are headed for another Vietnam while conveniently leaving out the abandonment of support to South Vietnam by Congress that directly led to its fall. If these nitwits have their way Iraq will become another Vietnam for he same reason. Incredibly, the very same people who a unwilling to do anything about the insolvency of Social Security want to tell the government of that country how and when to solve its problems.


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