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Friday, May 05, 2006

Kennedy Now Knows Nothing About Accident

Patrick Kennedy despite the emphatic response this morning to questions about his accident now says he has no recollection of any events leading up to and including the accident and its aftermath. He does admit that he has a drug problem worthy of his admission into the Mayo Clinic. Now everyone is patting him on the back for admitting his problem. Problem here is he just got out of the Mayo Clinic in January. If one knows one has a problem with drugs than what is one doing by taking more than one prescription drug? He and his doctor should know better. He is a Kennedy so he has people coddling him rather than making him account for his behavior. All the kudos for going back to the Mayo aren't doing that. I've dealt with friends who were like this and it's just one broken promise after another. I hope he does get straight for good because he's going to kill someone some day if he doesn't.

Over at the Capitol Police it looks like some buts were kicked by the acting Capitol Police Chief Christopher M. McGaffin. This is a good thing. They could hardly continue the case against Rep. Cynthia McKinney with any hint of deference to Rep. Kennedy. She would be well within her rights to raise a question of bias under those circumstances.


Anonymous Old n' Cranky said...

>>..If one knows one has a problem with drugs than what is one doing by taking more ....<<

Well having observed a good deal of this sort of thing in college and amongst young professional friends and aquaintances all I can conclude is that they are *really, really* good drugs. Tongue in cheek.

In a free society if someone wants to pollute themself beyond all reason there are few ways to stop them so long as the risk of penalty is lower than the risk (and immediacy) of reward.

1:05 PM  

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