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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Andrea Clark Gets New Doctor and Lease on Life

What difference a world view makes. Andrea Clark's attending physician had determined that her condition was futile. After presenting his finding to the hospital's ethics committee it was agreed that her care be terminated, along with her life. The family was given 10 days to find a new facility. Fortunately a pro-life doctor was brought in the take over her care. He went to the ethics committee and the decision to terminate care was reversed. Her new doctor was willing to undertake risky surgery to improve her condition rather than just give up. That is the difference. I would prefer to die in an effort to save my life rather than have someone else decide that I was not worth the effort and just pull the plug. Andrea Clark has an opportunity to improve even though she may not survive the procedure. How much better it is to go out fighting rather that just pushed overboard.


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