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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Herndon VA Votes Out Town Council Over Immigration

Herndon, Virginia made quite a stir last year when the town council opened a day labor center against the wishes of the citizens. Their rational was the illegals were already hanging out at the local 7-11 so the town needed to provide a central location with facilities making the day laborers wait more comfortable. Not only was there no intention of enforcing immigration laws, but they put the facility in a residential area and financed it with public funds. Yesterday the town had an election for mayor and town council.

One always has to be careful when one begins to believe that one in indispensable. Inevitably a self destructive arrogance will emerge that ultimately results in one's downfall. For whatever reason the town council and Mayor of Herndon, VA like the participants of the recent illegal immigration rallies think they are more important than they really are. Just as the protesters have discovered that their absence in the workplace and market had little effect on the country, the voters of Herndon send the same message to their incumbents. All but one of the council members who voted to build the day labor center along with the Mayor have been replaced. They thumbed their noses at the citizens and got what they deserved.

At the national level we have a senate that has demonstrated a total cluelessness on a myriad of issues. A third of the body is up for reelection this year. As the people of Herndon have done, we need to do with our senators. Apathy is no longer an option, it has been the ace in the hole of the career politicians. We need to either awaken their commitment to represent the citizens or get new blood in there.

Our senators are busy trying to craft a bill to reform the immigration laws. All that needs to be done is for the federal government to enforce the laws we have. They are perfectly adequate for dealing with the problem. Building a fence and enforcing the law would solve the problem. We would not need to deport many illegals if their were no employers willing to hire them. If the government would stop playing games with us over this and stop catch and release, finance border security and collect the fines from employers for hiring illegal immigrants the problem would solve itself.



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