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Sunday, April 30, 2006

May Day May Be Bad Day for Illegal Lobby

A no win situation seems to be evolving as we lead into the "Day without Immigrants." The goal of demonstrating the economic power of illegal immigrants by boycotting work, school and business could actually have a very negative effect. Yet by not participating in the protest, the movement risks a embarrassingly ineffective demonstration that could demoralize the movement and doom political support. Americans are increasingly voicing resentment toward illegals in the face of brazen public demonstrations. Politicians are sticking their fingers in the air and sensing a change in the direction of the wind.

Various counter protests are emerging. Some are calling for citizens to make a point of buying or conducting other economic activity on May 1st to counter any effect the boycott may have. They are pointing out that only businesses that are open on May 1 are those that don't have illegals working for them so they should be patronized. Maybe not a hard and fast rule, but good enough to make a point. One radio station is planning to put out empty chairs at a park to represent those who are citizens, have to work, but want their elected representatives to remember who they serve.

If anything has angered people it has been the unabashed pandering of elected officials to the illegals with offers of amnesty., but already politicians are engaging in CYA statements. U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California's senior senator is urging people to stay at school and work even though she supports their efforts. This in the face of the Sate Senate Democrats passing a resolution in support of the protests. More telling of the shifting political wind is LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa dropping his commitment to speak at the rally in LA so he can talk to the NFL about getting a team back in the city. Seems the NFL holds more economic potential that the illegals in LA. At least he sees that the next election may require he not be so cozy with the non citizens as he has been. California voters did pass Prop. 187 which sought to withhold government services from illegal immigrants only to have the courts interfere. In spit of his former membership in a radical separatist group, MEChA, he certainly doesn't want to have to tack against the wind in the next election. When politicians scramble to cover it's a sign the times are a changing.

Meanwhile the Minuet Men are on the border building a fence. Two hundred volunteers are constructing a quarter mile long, six foot high fence extending the one built by the federal government They are doing the job that American politicians won't do.


Anonymous brokengun said...

The Constitution tasks the federal government with very little. If the federal government weren't involved in so many extra-constitutional activities, low-flush toilets for example, maybe the border would be secured.
Could we somehow goad the government into a "work to letter of the contract" action, sorta like what school teachers do to protest whatever's ailin' 'em.
When the government fails to act to uphold the law, does that duty fall back into the hands of the governed?

7:38 PM  

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