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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Andrea Clark Facing the Plug Pullers Again

Andrea Clark is once more in danger. The hospital who's ethics committee had decided to pull the plug on her offered to move her to another facility, but has now decided to rescind that offer. The claim is the facility was inadequate for her care. You would think a hospital that can decide when a person should die would know if a facility was set up to handle a patient before they make the family decide to move their patient. They very graciously added one more day to the drop dead date to give the family some time to figure out what to do, tomorrow.

Fortunately the family has a new doctor who will go to the committee and argue that her case is not futile. The family's lawyer will file for a stay in court. Seems St. Luke's hospital's lawyers won't make any real time commitments so the family doesn't want to get caught in a constant emergency decision circle.

St. Luke's is an Episcopal Hospital. One would think that a Christian founded institution would not be so eager to end a patient's life, but the Episcopals are more interested in gay bishops than they are in any issue of whether a person has a right to life. Ethics now trumps morality in the Episcopal Church.

You can find contact information here It is somewhat sickening to see the masthead on that page in light of this issue. See it below:

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