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Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day Illegal Immigration Rally No Big Deal

May Day is about over. The Washington area in which I live had fairly light participation. I went into Manassas, VA which has such a large Hispanic population that we refer to it as Manexico. Shopping at the local Costco there were plenty of Hispanic families shopping there also. The Washington Post reported that Stonewall Jackson High School had about 50% of it's Hispanic students absent. From what my daughter has told me about that school it must have been pretty empty. My wife and I are on our way to town to dine at a restaurant tonight just to spend some dough.

The pictures I've seen on Fox News have shown the usual suspects are in the crowd. There are plenty of nit wits carrying Che posters and Atzlan flags. Never a good thing, but hard to avoid. I stopped getting involved in single issue movements long ago because it's impossible to control the kooks. There were a good number of Hispanic leaders who wanted people to not attend because a couple of major moon bat organizations were involved.

All in all I think this amounts to a non event. Personally I resent the effort at extortion implied by the stated purpose of the organizers. It have decided to just stop patronizing fast food restaurants of any kind simply because I seldom enter one that has someone working behind the counter that I can understand. In addition to that my wife and I have opened a boxing gym in Manassas so I need to stay away fro those places anyway. Can't own a gym and look like a couch potato. I got rid of the lawn car company that I was using last year because I couldn't communicate sufficiently with the crew they sent out to tell them to stop weed whacking the bark off the trees. As far as contractors go, I'm getting ready to sell this place and build on land I own in Cumberland County, VA. They don't seem to have many Hispanics there yet, there's only 9,000 people in the county and not much work so I won't have much trouble finding help I can talk to.

Bottom line is this whole effort on the part of the illegal immigrant lobby as had little effect on me other than to make me more determined to press my elected officials to get busy building a fence and making it difficult for employers to hire illegal immigrants. Then the illegals can all go home on their own are start to do this the right way. In that case I would welcome them back, it is the respect for the law that should be the issue, not how we are going to accommodate the present situation.

The illegal immigration lobby seems to have used up their coupons.



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