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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Post Rally Assessment

The post rally assessment can be called mixed at best. While the big turnouts in LA and Chicago resulted in disruption of normal business, and the poultry plants in other states operated at a reduced capacity, the over all consensus is "so what." The Washington Post lead article just says it was hard to determine the effects. Most of the opinions I've heard from citizens can be summed up as "can we do this every day?" The Washington area effect was a reduction in traffic which normally is horrendous and finding people working behind the counters of retail establishments who were understandable. It is hard to find any positive outcome for the illegal immigrant lobby from these rallies.

There is a distinct negative outcome readily visible. Beside the average citizen's attention now focused on illegal immigration, the politicians are not in such a panic in trying to pander to the illegals. In fact the Arizona legislature is even more determined to pass strong border security measures. With the election looming this year the Arizona Governor who has been dancing on both sides of the fence on border security may find herself fighting an uphill battle to hold her job. The Minutemen and other allied organizations are busy with an effort to build a border fence with private funds and labor. These rallies could be a boost to their fundraising. Worst outcome for the illegals by far was the featuring of the complete moon bats that came out of the woodwork in anticipation of the legitimizing of their agenda. All they accomplished was further tainting an unpopular movement to skirt the law. If there is momentum to be exploited it is for more secure borders.



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