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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Un-supersize Me

Everyone has heard about the movie Supersize Me. That is the documentary of Morgan Spurlock's 30 day McDonalds only diet resulting in him gaining 27 pounds and the health problems associated with such a gain. His purpose was to look into the effects fast food may have in contributing to the increase of obesity in the US.

Contrast that with the experience of Chris Coleson of Quinton, VA.

Frustrated by a number of false starts with losing weight, he made a bold prediction to his wife, Tricia Sumner -- that he could lose weight and do it by eating only at McDonald's. He chose the fast-food chain in part because its locations are convenient for his busy schedule.

"There was a level of fear after I said that," said Coleson, who has no affiliation with McDonald's other than eating almost every meal there during his diet. "At that point, I had to stick with it."...

... Coleson dropped from 278 pounds when he started the diet Dec. 3 to 199 as of yesterday, the last time he weighed himself.

What Chris did was simply cut the bread and restrict the calories. He consumed between 1200-1400 calories a day. The single most important thing he did though was he kept a food log. By saving the receipts and then pasting then in a notebook, he kept track of what he was eating at each meal. This is the critical factor to my own weight loss. Knowing I would be putting every item into a log that calculated my calories, cabs, fat and protein I was very careful about mindless eating. Mr. Coleson needs to make some adjustments to his eating habits to add to his healthy gains but he has slain the giant, He no longer eats mindlessly. It matters little what one eats if one eats less calories than one uses. That is why any diet will work if one sticks with the program. Issues such as insulin resistance and cholesterol can be addressed at the same time with a proper diet but if it is not one that is appealing enough to stay on it, it is of no value. Chris Coleson achieved this.

Coleson said he got to where he couldn't fit into a booth at restaurants, barely could tie his shoes, and had to sleep sitting up to be comfortable. His children, James and Meghan, would call him old and fat and pound on his belly as a joke. He put "OLD-NFAT" on the license plates of his car...

...For his wife's 40th birthday in April, Coleson spent $274.18 on McDonald's food, which he catered at the YMCA for about 35 people (the receipt's in one of his journals). But the big present for his wife came when he put on his wedding ring, which he had removed from a painfully swollen finger seven years ago.

The license plates on his vehicle now say "MCFIT." His waist size has dropped from 50 to 36.

Cut the calories, balance the carbs, fat and protein to 40%, 30% and 30% respectively but most importantly, keep a food log. It will transform the way you eat. Chirs Colesome did it eating at McDonalds.


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Blogger PHenry said...

That does it, I'm going on my strict bacon and sausage diet.


10:14 PM  
Blogger PHenry said...

Well, TOMORROW I will start.

11:06 PM  

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