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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Obama Quits Trinity United Church

The heat has gotten to Obama. It was the heat of the spotlight on the Church he chose to raise his family in. He was married there, his children were baptized there and his mentor and spiritual leader, Rev Wright was there. Twenty years and the start of his political career went through that church and no one thought it was any different than any other church, until the national spotlight was turned on it.

The scenes we have witnessed from the pulpit are shocking to every sane person witnessing them. Barack Obama had no place to hide. Like the mice in the kitchen when the lights go on he scurried for cover but there was none. His Pastor and spiritual adviser only threw fuel in the fire once it started. Every two weeks he had to dump another kook from his campaign because of racist statements they had made. He has had to explain away associations with truly undesirable people and elitist and offensive statements he has made without the tried and true method of the past that let others such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton buffalo the public. They could silence any criticism by simply crying "racist!" Those days a fast becoming history because of Barack Obama. Not because he has sought to bring them to an end but because his candidacy has inadvertently lifted the rock revealing the slime and corruption of the civil rights activists.

The most damning part of this whole ordeal for Obama is his statement after he was asked if he had any idea his relationship with the pastor of the church he attended for twenty years would be such a problem.

"This was one I didn't see coming,"


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Anonymous PHenry said...

He didn't leave the church because they were preaching hate and division, he left to spare them any more embarrassing attention to their hate and division due to his candidacy. He did nothing to address the hate being pushed on his 8000 fellow churchmembers, he just wanted to help them get back to preaching that hate without media scrutiny.

Obama could have been the post racial candidate as he claims, but instead he seems completely unwilling to ask for civility from his own community.

Hate is hate. White on black, black on white, Arab on Jew, whatever, its still hate. For a party that is so hot for 'hate crime laws', they sure are ready to excuse raw hate spewed in the name of god.

8:41 PM  

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