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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Would-be Blackmailers

My friend at POMIL has summed up the strategy of the media and Obama supporters in handling criticism of his stand on various issues. It has been made clear by such luminaries as Chris Matthews that the reason Barrack does not get all the votes is because those who do not vote for him do so because they are racists. Francis Bakes makes a point few seem to consider.

26 May 2008

Anyone who criticizes Barack Hussein Obama is apt to be labeled racist.

But, to which race are the allegedly racist remarks ascribed? The senator is racially united, half white and half black - mulatto, by definition. Are we attacking "Whitey" when we criticize him?

If we say he is a socialist, what is the racial component of that remark? If we say that he, with his life-long background of close association with communists, domestic terrorists, anti-Americans, racists, and foreign despots should be denied a security clearance, upon which race do we peg that opinion?

It is ironic that race is such a hot topic within the Democrat primaries but is never brought up by the Republicans. It is even more ironic when you remember (as I do) the "Solid South" Democrats of the 1930s and 40s who kept the Negroes "in their place."

In this crucial war-time election, the electorate must not allow themselves to be silenced by racial blackmailers.

Some of the electorate met today at the cemetery here in Warrenton to honor those who helped preserve our liberty and national sovereignty. They are in no mood to humor egotistical, clue-less, nitwits who threaten our Constitution.

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst


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