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Sunday, May 04, 2008


The meet went well. John Shifflett puts together a well run meet. The members of 100% RAW are a big part of what makes these meets enjoyable. Take Justin Vorrasi and Brian Kelleher for an example. They were in a different flight during the Bench Press yet they made sure I had a lift off even though they were warming up for their flight down stairs while I was lifting.

I originally planned to Bench 250 and Dead lift 375 as my top lifts. Training leading up to meet week went so well I raised the third lift for the bench to 260. I hit 250 on the second lift but 260 only went up 2". I hit 375 on the Dead lift as planned. Take a look at the results and you will see I was the oldest competitor, lifting the lowest weight. There were some very strong men at this meet.

I also got to meet two fellows from Crossfit RVA. They were also quite friendly. The photo from the meet is of their lifter, David Powell and from their web site.


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