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Monday, May 08, 2006

GOP embraces local issues for 2006 elections

The coming election is looking to be a choice between two incompetents, one a party of moon bats, another of the clueless. The Democrats have announced their plan to continue the criminalization of political opposition. The tag team of mental midgets Pelosi and Reid are modifying their rhetoric of the last couple days to assure people they are not going to impeach Bush when they grab the majority of congress. They still want to investigate every aspect of the administration over the last five years so it's just a matter of semantics. You can be sure that they still foam at the mouth when they reminisce over the Watergate era.

One need never underestimate the ability of the Republican Party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They have had a winning issue handed to them on a silver platter only to pursue the cliché of local politics. While the vast majority of voters are angry over the government's lack of immigration enforcement, Republicans have no mention of the issue in their strategic election plan. They want to deal with urban sprawl and sales taxes. Meanwhile the nation groans under the cost of Mexican colonization. It perplexes me that neither party cares about the effects of illegal immigration on the citizens. If the Republicans could champion the interests of the American people rather than pursue politics the Democrats would fade from view.


Anonymous Old 'n Cranky said...

>>It perplexes me that neither party cares about the effects of illegal immigration on the citizens.>>

Mmm, but thats because you're a decent human being.

Of course they dont care about the effects of anything on the citizens, so why get all roiled up about illegals - after all - make them citizens and give them the vote - who they gonna vote for but the parties? Yep, just more slop in the trough.

Neither party cares a whit about the citizens except as to how to garner their vote while maintaining the securest possible power base.

Its just about political ball control and staying in the game... every now and then a player gets redcarded from either team and sent off in ignominy but after all, sacrifices have to be made. Apart from that its business as usual, belly up to the public trough and slurp up all you can.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous brokengun said...

Oh for a Constitutional "RESET" button.
Securing of the borders is a big slow softball right over the plate, and the Republicans can't seem to figure out what to do with the bat.
Reckon they're plannin' to take the "walk" or "bunt" rather than swingin' for the cheap seats like they oughta.

9:45 PM  

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