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Monday, May 08, 2006

Gen. Hayden Named to Head CIA

The President has nominated Gen. Michael V. Hayden as C.I.A. Director. The usual suspects have crawled out to question whether a military officer should be in charge of the agency. Gen. Hayden is possibly the most experienced individual available to run it. Congress is very familiar with him as he is the man who routinely debriefs its members on intelligence issues. No matter, just the appointment by the President is sufficient for some members of congress to find fault.

His membership in the military is sufficient for most Democrats to oppose him. Their knee jerk anti military bias is so deeply ingrained they just can't help themselves. Never mind that decades of civilian leadership has left us with an agency that has ceased to function as a reliable information gathering organization. It's ranks are as polarized and politically motivated as the congress. Moles loyal to party politics have been leaking sensitive information to the detriment of our national interests. To his credit Dutch Ruppersberger, a Baltimore County Democrat who's district includes offices of the NSA has voiced great confidence in the General's nomination. He has seen the results of Gen. Hayden's leadership at NSA and looks forward to his doing the same at the CIA.

Predictably the Democrat's cabin boy Sen. Specter is looking to use the confirmation hearing as a platform for carping over the wiretap issue. Unfazed by their last humiliation in the Supreme court hearings, Specter and his liberal leash holders are gearing up for another dose. Looks like another week of watching the food channel for me.



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