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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Confident Democrats Lay Out Agenda

After Watergate the Democrats felt they had achieved what they envied their friends in Cuba, China and the Soviet Union for having, the ability to criminalize and jail their political opponents. But the administration of Jimmy Carter pulled the rug out from underneath their ambitions. His presidency was such a debacle that it led to the rise of Ronald Reagan. Not that that deterred them from trying to use their new found power. They investigated and tried to criminalize every aspect of foreign policy. All while their influence with voters dwindled. Now with the Republican congress in full stupid mode they are licking their chops at the prospect of an all investigation all he time Democrat majority.

The sad thing for the Republicans is they could easily crush the Democrat's hopes in November if they would only get behind the citizen's desire to deal decisively with illegal immigration. They have become so obsessed with carving up the pork barrel that they have lost track of who they represent. While they are busy looting the taxpayer the Democrats are laying the groundwork for turning the US into Venezuela. They are gazing in reverent awe at Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's socialist President who wants to institute a 25 year term of office. Once the Republicans are stuck in jail where they belong the Democrats could institute the socialist paradise that the voters have prevented them from achieving for so long.

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