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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Email to Michael Steele

I joined the Republican Party about 1989. As a member of the Prince William County Committee I became a Magisterial District Chairman. By 1996 I had had enough. There was no party discipline. RINOs were becoming the driving force within the party taking every opportunity to accommodate the Democrats but worse, stab elected conservative Republicans in the back. I was not one bit surprised when after gaining both houses of Congress that the members began spending like Democrats.

Today there is an opportunity for the Party to regain its stature. Three RINOs in the Senate have proved their interests to be for their own future rather than our nation's or the party's. So long as Spector, Snow and Collins remain in the party I will continue to not support it. Throw these people out of the party and I will once more become an active member. Let them stay and I will sit by and let the party disappear as the Whigs did before it. We are suffering the tyranny of the Democrats because the Republican Party failed to stand united behind its principles. I have no use for such and organization that continues to let members choose self interest over our nation's best interest.

Recently the Republican Members of the Tennessee Legislature through out a member who had gained a leadership position by courting the Democrats. I commend them for this. I hope the national party has the strength to do the same with these three senators.
Update 3 March 09: I had to send another nasty gram today.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger PHenry said...

I would rather have a liberal who is honest about it then a RINO slimeball.

As bad as things are already under the marxist in chief, does anyone think it would be much different under McCain? He would be getting rear ended by Pelosi and Reid worse even then Obama is!

9:35 PM  
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