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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Honest Politician's Party

While it may seem that there is little opportunity to prosper in the future I don't want anyone to overlook the most dynamic sector in our economy. Now that the politicians have wrecked the economy the only growth industry we are left with is government. It's time for everyone to get on board the gravy train and run for office. It is for that reason I am announcing the formation of the Honest Politician's Party.

In this party there will be no more lying and covering up the reality of politics. All politicians have charitable foundations, political action committees and other nonprofit organizations that they run. They also have numerous agencies such as Fanny Mae and Freedy Mac were they can park their campaign staff and useless in-laws at taxpayer's expense. The irritating part about that it they pretend that these are not schemes for their own enrichment. Here in the Honest Politician's Party" we drop all pretense and openly admit they the object of our effort to be elected is to enhance our own wealth. Our motto is "An honest politician is one who stays bought."

Working for the largest contributor has always been the way things have been done so why not let people know that so they can buy the access they need. So much time and effort is waited by ordinary people by going through channels and dealing with bureaucrats just to see the politically connected waltz away scott free. The only reason politicians spout nonsense about upholding principles of justice and the rule of law because they want people to believe their government is working for the citizen. It's all bologna. The government is there to see to it that politicians and their families get rich. Here at the "Honest Politician's Party" we want to change that. We are willing to give everyone a chance to know they have a politician they can count on by making it simple. You get what you pay for. Even better we want as many people to run for office as we can who will drop the pretense and say it like it is. We are here to get rich and you can too.

This is why we advocate term limits. It doesn't take all that long to suck up tax money and political contributions so grab the cash and then move out so someone new can get rich of the public trough. The "Honest Politicians Party" envisions a country were everyone has a foundation or nonprofit organization to bleed for theirs and their families our benefit not to mention the pork barrel projects that keep the money flowing to the smaller contributors who actually work for a living.

Climb on board people and lets shake up politics in this country. Join with me in the" Honest Politicians Party." Come back for all the details on how to become a member soon. Always remember our motto, "An honest politician is one who stays bought."



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Anonymous oceanguy said...

Term limits for elected officials is a terrible idea unless it is accompanied with limits on the civil servants and staffers who, today, wield far more power than they should.

In fact I'd go further and say that the NUMBER of staffers allowed ought to be drastically reduced. Today government is involved in way too much and the ever increasing staffs, payrolls and sizes of ALL government agencies, let alone Congressional staffs, is counter-productive to effective government.

Getting rid of elected politicians through term limits simply increases the power and influence of more and more experienced staffers who have legislated their positions to be permanent with no chance of being removed from their positions.

Term Limits are a BAD idea no matter how good it sounds to bring fresh blood into the mix. If having power is corrupting, and you worry about that, you ought to be even more worried about unelected civil servants wielding ever increasing power while their removal is next to impossible.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Xyba said...

Term limits are the Honest Politician's Party's way of letting everyone get their hands on the public trough. Once one has enough to live out one's life in comfortable luxury one should move on and let others gobble up the goodies at public expense. The entrenched bureaucracy is for those unfortunate individuals that lack the talent and energy to run for office and thus must settle for a more modest subsistence at public expense. If they be members of the HPP they would of course freely admit that they are there primarily to suck from the public tit.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous brokengun said...

Reminds me of my new party from back in the early nineties; the Justice Party. The only political party whose platform has a trap-door...

10:58 PM  
Blogger quan said...

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