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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Virginia Senators on Both Sides of the Stimulus Plan

Typical politicians, both Virginia Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner Made statements saying they had reservations about the stimulus plan but both voted to add pork for Virginia to the bill.

Webb has "substantive concerns" about "projects that, while important, are not overtly 'stimulative,'" said Jessica Smith, Webb's spokeswoman.

Warner said he wanted to see the stimulus bill focus more on job creation and sought assurances the spending was short term.


Sens. Jim Webb and Mark Warner, both Virginia Democrats, both voted Tuesday to add $25 billion in infrastructure spending to an $885 billion economic stimulus bill being debated in the Senate.

What good are these people? Their only reservations seem to be that there are no enough vote buying funds for them to throw around their own state.

Warner, Virginia's freshman senator, encouraged swift action on the stimulus late Monday, particularly highlighting the need for road and bridge spending. Virginia stands to receive $918 million for transit, highway and water projects under the current package, according to Senate Appropriations Committee staff.

$918 million was not good enough so they wanted to tack on another $25 BILLION.

Update: Read Warner's answer to my email with my comments Here


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