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Monday, February 09, 2009

Stimulus Fraud

The current U.S. economic crisis presents opportunities to do things not normally possible - as the president's chief of staff has said about all national crises. Inspired by San Francisco socialists, Chicago shady characters, tax cheats and a complicit media, the administration and the congress intend to take us down the old, destructive, wild-spending path of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, instead of the proven, recession-busting, tax-cutting ways of John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

Not only are the social Democrats about to spend us into oblivion, thus weakening us to the point of irrelevance as a world power; but, they also aim to cut our defense budget by ten percent or more and pull our troops out of Iraq.

Are the socialists stupid? Ignorant? How could they possibly ignore that the three thousand people and the world-class buildings in which they were working were suddenly vaporized without warning? And, surely it is common knowledge in the halls of power that we have thousands of tons of damaged and destroyed war materiel in need of repair and replacement, and a huge, un-addressed, conventional war threat facing us from Red China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Our socialist globalists have it in their power to reduce this nation to economic and military mediocrity; and that is exactly what they are poised to do. Our free republic nationalists must not let this happen.

We need to stop all the bail-outs in their tracks. We need to declare immediately a moratorium of at least six months on FICA and federal income tax. And we need an industrial surge to rebuild our shattered counterinsurgency military forces, and organize, man, equip and train an overpowering conventional warfare force.

The tax cuts and defense industry expansion would solve our economic problem while deterring the national security threats. And the craven, power-hungry socialists who would fraudulently foist an irrelevant so-called "stimulus" plan down our throats would be kicked out of government at the next election.

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst


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