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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Obama Makes the Case for the Stimulus

The President asked if I would share this video with my friends and family. Below I will share my thoughts on what he says.

My comments will be preceded by the time index of the video if you wish to go back and hear what I am commenting on.

0:19 Washington does need to change but this pork laden bill is more of the same to the extreme.

0:24 Spending like a drunken sailor sounds like a worn-out and tired idea to me.

1:11 Washington is really slow getting the news on this one. Even the CBO has said this bill will make the recession worse over the long term. The economic recovery plan that came out of the House is very Different from the one that is in the Senate, so which one is he talking about?

1:23 If this economy will fall $1 Trillion short, how does spending $1 Trillion get us anywhere. Aren't we ending up in the same place? Even the White House has said there is a 30% chance this plan will not work. Why not break this thing into its component parts and debate the value of each part separately?

!:43 Who decided this is what Americans need to do?

1:48 Seems he has dropped the claim he will create 3 million jobs and now just wants to save or create that many. The math is still not encouraging, $800 billion divided by 3 million is $270,000 per job saved or created!

2:18 How does training an army of science teachers do anything about our current economy? How many years will it take to train the teachers who will then teach the children who will then graduate from school and go out and find jobs?

2:25 Again, how long will building out the electric grid take before anyone sees any benefit. If as he says we need to address this crisis now, why is he talking about stuff that will take years to realize any effect in the economy?

2:33 Doubling our capacity to produce renewable energy before the technology exists? More pie in the sky by and by that has no effect on our current situation.

2:39 Fighting the battles of the past while ignoring a current crisis in Kentucky where people have been living without electric power for weeks.

2:48 Handing out checks didn't help New Orleans recover any more than it will the nation. The reality is they must take the money away first before they can give is back while most of it disappears in the process.

3:23 Serving? More like sticking it to the next couple of generations. They are the one's who ultimately will pay this bill.

3:29 I would believe this if Fox News wasn't already having to sue the government to get any information on how the TARP funds have been spent. All talk, no reality.

3:58 He's right and the bottom is getting angry already and he's hasn't been President for a month yet.


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