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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My latest Email to Michael Steele

Mr. Steele,

When are you who run the RNC going to figure out that we are the OPPOSITION? Stop agreeing with the liberals and call them on their nonsense. When someone suggests our gatherings look like Nazi Germany you call them on it and not let them eat your lunch.

I have been a non Republican for over a decade because the leadership is more willing to dump on the people who stand for what is right within their own party than to stand up to the destructive policies of the left.

Grow some chest hair and fight for what it right. Until you are willing to defend the principles of liberty and the Constitution as the best way for all people to prosper. Until you, like Rush Limbaugh, can call the policies of the President and the Democrats what they are and what they will do to this country. Until you throw out Specter, Snow and Collins I have no confidence that anything in the Republican party has changed and is worth defending.

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