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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Illegal Immigratiom, Popular Culture and the Senate

Every six weeks or so I have a conversation with a woman from Winchester VA. She is interesting to talk to because she is an accurate mimic of the MSM. This most recent visit she stated "If all the illegal immigrants left the US, our economy would collapse." I mentioned the boycott on May 1 and how the illegal immigration lobby had organized this event to demonstrate just such a principle. Such sweet music was her laughter at realizing that once again the MSM had fed her a line of bologna. Her reply was she hadn't noticed anything had happend.

Now I read in The Washington Times that a march on Washington is planned for May 19. Napoleon said when your enemy is making a mistake, don't interrupt him. Already the legal immigrants are beginning to feel this is going too far. They anticipate a backlash that may result in curtailment of legal immigration, or a general mistrust of foreigners. It may be too early for such concerns since the US Senate is still stuck on stupid when it comes to this issue. Sen. Frist is still musing on how to bring all the illegals out of hiding. The answer to that question is so cryptically simple he will never stumble on it. Simply enforcing the laws we now have and stopping catch and release would go a long way to doing just that.

Continued talk of amnesty is fueling an increase in attempts to enter the country illegally. It's the build it and they will come syndrome yet congress is blind to it. A brick to the head might awaken them from their stupor, but I'll have to be satisfied with a brick in the mail.


Anonymous brokengun said...

How many illegals do they think are here? What's 4.7 percent(our un-employment rate) of 290 million? Interesting coincidence isn't it.
Sour the milk, let 'em buy their own ticket home.

9:35 PM  

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