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Friday, April 28, 2006

Frist Wants to be Carter When He Grows Up

Bill Frist who some say has ambitions for the white house is quickly positioning himself as the next Jimmy Carter. In the face of rising gas prices he has put forward a proposal that would rebate $100 to taxpayers and temporarily suspend the federal gas tax. Suspending the tax would be a laudable goal, but sending a check to taxpayers sounds suspiciously like vote buying and populist pandering.

Giving out a flat fee and tying it to income levels has nothing to do with easing the price of gas. It is nothing but the same old redistribution of wealth schemes we count on the Democrats for. Republicans in the Senate of whom Frist is supposed to be a leader have become the very thing conservatives wanted them to oppose. It seems that the half life of a Republican elected official's conservative principles is quite short.



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