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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Obama and the Community He Organized

We have all heard Barack complain about people disin' his gig as a "Community Organizer" so I thought I might look into what thw results of that organizing was. Hey, if he did something positive, if he brough about change than we can believe he has something to offer. I ran smack into this little video...

Check him out at http://www.antoinemembers.com/

Aslo see "Not playing the game" at This Ain't Hell but You Can see It From Here

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Blogger PHenry said...

Nobody in the convention I am aware of was putting down community organizing. That is classic misdirection. What was said was that it is paltry experience for POTUS, and the equivalent of resume padding.

Obama started this with his claim that his time working for ACORN ( the voter fraud organization, BTW) was his great experience proving his presidential qualifications, and his inference that it somehow trumps being mayor of a small town.

You know, I consider being president of my homeowners association an honorable community service. But it hardly qualifies me for president of the United States ( or even mayor of the City of Fairfax), and it is not an insult to HOA presidents to say so!

Maybe its just when you get paid to do community service it builds such strong presidential timber?

11:00 PM  

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