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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catholic politician executed for his Faith

Nancy Pelosi has forced the issue of Catholic politicians who are pro abortion. I could not define the rift more eloquently than the following which I received from Catholic online.org.

"By the age of fifty-five, as a lawyer, officer of the realm, husband, father, popular citizen, speaker, and writer, he had achieved as much fame, wealth, professional success, and genuine affection as any person could desire."

Barack Obama? Joe Biden?

"Nevertheless, for what most called a foolish scruple of conscience, he threw all that away and died three years later -- alone -- in broken health. His closest political colleagues abandoned him; he was condemned as a traitor, beheaded, and his head placed on a spike on a bridge."

Thomas Moore

These days, faithful Catholics lose elections; in Thomas More's day, they lost their lives.

John Barger

Politicians, liberals especially, like to identify themselves with various constituencies to garner support. In the case of Christians and Catholics in particular it is the dogma of the church that defines the adherent not the adherent that defines the dogma. Personal belief is what influences public policy yet the politicians want us to think otherwise. That is only because they want the voter to think the politician shares their beliefs. To know what anyone believes one need only watch what the person does and who his fiends are while ignoring what is said. Even more, to what would they give all they have.


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