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Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama and the Second Amendment

Barack Obama would have us believe he is in favor of the Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment guarantee of an individual's right to keep and bear arms. His past efforts betray his disingenuineness on this right. If elected there are ten ways he will attack that very right.

1. Ban the use of firearms for home defense.
2. Pass Federal laws eliminating your right to carry.
3. Ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.
4. Close down 90% of the gun shops in America.
5. Ban rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.
6. Increase federal taxes on guns and ammunition by 500%.
7. Restore voting rights for five million criminals convicted of using a gun to commit a violent crime.
8. Expand the Clinton semi-auto ban to include millions more firearms.
9. Mandate a government-issued license to purchase a firearm.
10. Appoint judges to the U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Judiciary who share his views on the Second Amendment.

This is substantiated by the books he wrote, organizations he directed and bills he sponsored in the past. He wrote in the Audacity of Hope, "I believe in keeping guns out of our inner cities." He sat as a member of the board for the Joyce Foundation for seven years which gave $30 million to anti-gun organizations and he demanded laws that would increase taxes on guns, ban gun stores within five miles of a school which would eliminate any stores except in the most remote parts of the country and smart gun technology that would greatly increase the cost of manufacture.

He takes the most extreme measures to protect the "rights" gained by Roe v. Wade yet is adamant about destroying the clear right spelled out in the bill of rights that protects the citizens from tyranny.

To help fight Obama and his leftist backers the NRA is offering free introductory membership. To take advantage of this offer call 1.877.672.4680.


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