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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Get Your Democracy Bond Now

The Democratic Party is offering "Democracy Bonds" so that you and I can "Make your commitment to reform the political process, build the Democratic Party in every state, and win elections at every level of office."

When I saw this I naturally was intrigued. Offering an investment just seemed foreign to the Democrats who regularly impugn the profits made by investors. Democrat elected officials are always looking to tax away the gains so they may be paid out to others who have done nothing to warrant such largess other than their willingness to vote for politicians who will give them more. That they would now be willing to offer a bond to finance the efforts of the party is just remarkable. The only investment I've ever heard offered from a Democrat is the false investment of tax revenue into some socialist scheme.

Just for reference I have included the definition of what a bond is from TheStreet.com:


Bonds are debt securities issued by corporations and governments.

Bonds are, in fact, loans that you and other investors make to the issuers in return for the promise of being paid interest, usually but not always at a fixed rate, over the loan term. The issuer also promises to repay the loan principal at maturity, on time and in full.

Because most bonds pay interest on a regular basis, they are also described as fixed-income investments. While the term bond is used generically to describe all debt securities, bonds are specifically long-term investments, with maturities longer than ten years.

Try as I might I could find no offer of interest on the money I sent in. Quite the contrary. What they offered was an opportunity for me to have them automatically withdraw money from my credit card account each month. For that I get a " Democracy Bond." There just may be no noun that the Democrats haven't twisted into something it isn't. George Orwell, Newspeak has arrived.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theyre just bing kind and gentle with you as a prelude to (they hope) the future when you wont have a choice in the matter - sort of conditioning us to give voluntarily, then when they simply take it'll be 'cause they didnt want to intrude on our precious time and bother us with all this economic stuff that makes your head hurt.....

4:18 PM  

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