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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Traitor for President

Senator Barack Hussein Obama is post-national; that is, he thinks we should disregard national boundaries and constitutions. Presumably, he thinks that to say the United States is a sovereign nation is old hat. (See Jeffrey Kuhner's August 11 2008 article, "Obama: The Post-National Candidate," Washington Times National Weekly Edition.)

Mr. Obama says he doesn't display the flag on his airplane because it would look like he's taking sides. (Whatever happened to "My country, right or wrong!")

Mr. Obama has substituted his own official seal for that of the president of the United States. His seal features a big "O." That is the designation of universal blood donors, who can give blood to just about everybody. And giving the wealth built by US citizen's blood, sweat and tears to the rest of the world is exactly what he proposes.

Now that Vladimir Putin has reestablished Russia on the Axis of Evil alongside Iran and North Korea we had better find a president who places United States interests first, and who espouses global interests only in support of our country.

Nations like Red China, Russia and Iran threaten to destroy us using their economic and military power. This is no time to say, as the senator suggests, we do not exist as a nation. That would be like turning our backs on our country in time of war, as traitors do. (See Tony Blankley's August 4, 2008 article, "Obama promises the world," and Jon Voight's article, same date, "My concerns for America.")

Francis Baker
POMIL Research Analyst



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