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Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain or Obama

While those of you who come here often may already know how I stand let me reiterate it once more for new readers. I am very cynical toward politicians of every stripe. They have consistently shipwrecked their principles when seduced by the siren's call of power and privilege. No sooner do they gain office than they become the representatives of government interest rather than their constituents. From bottom to top there is a desperate grasp for more tax revenue to finance the stampede to buy votes from people willing to sell their souls for government cheese. Worse yet are the liberals who display an active contempt for the very nation they purport to serve. Yet the Republican Party has found no backbone to stand up to them, until now.

I was resolved to four years of Carter era policies. Barack Obama has embraced every tenet of Jimmy Carter's administration. I lived through that era and all I can say for it was it was blessedly short. I did not see much evidence that John McCain could overcome the weight of nonsense that is Obama until his speech at the convention and his choice of Sara Palin as his running mate.

Some signs quickly emerged that this will be a different kind of ticket. Most telling was the near universal criticism of the choice for VP. The howling of the media and discontent of the Republican establishment told more than even the resounding support of the general public. Whatever moves contrary to the pundits and autocrats is sweet music to me. As for McCain's acceptance speech, one line stands above all the rest. It's not in the text of his speech, he said he would veto bills larded up with pork and make famous the names of those politicians who put that stuff in. The light of day is the first weapon against the parasites in our legislature. The next is the anger of the public. A president who will hold our elected officials responsible will do a great service to our nation. That is why I am whole heartily for John McCain and Sara Palin for our next President and Vice-president.


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Blogger PHenry said...

McCain may have saved the republican party with that speech. Republicans held the majority, and immediately forgot about the contract for America that we sent them there on.

That is why republicans lost the majority in the mid term election. It wasn't as much a rebuke to Bush as it was the congress. We had to throw the bums out.

Now, finally, McCain is starting to look like just the man to clean out the frauds and porkers. Sarah Palin has a record of exactly that, which cements his claims to be a reformer.

What this country needs is a conservative majority that has some integrety, will cut spending and keep us strong and safe. This is the first time I have felt that McCain could do that.

I have plenty of strong differences with McCain on immigration, ANWR, Global Warming, and others. But the Palin choice shows me that he intends to clean up- starting with the earmarks. I read that he has never taken ONE earmark in his career. Obama has requested billions in his one year as senator! If anyone can do it he can.

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